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The best smartphone stocking stuffers for 2022

Despite the joy and happiness holidays can bring, they can also be a pressurized time, particularly for gift giving. We help you get into the holiday spirit with some cute must-have stocking stuffers for friends, family, or esteemed colleagues. We’ve unearthed some delightful wee gadgets that are small enough to stuff into a traditional stocking, but moderately priced, and handy for any smartphone owner. And hey, if the items below aren’t going to cut it with the fussy crowd you hang with, no worries. Check out our best-of lists highlighting smartpens, earbuds, styluses, pet trackers, touchscreen gloves, and various protective cases and screen covers for your favorite smartphones and smartwatches.

KKM Wireless Charger

KKM Wireless Charger.

The KKM is a 15-watt Qi-certified fast wireless charging stand that’s compatible with all Qi-enabled phones and tablets. The wireless charging dock’s two built-in coils offer a large wireless charging area that supports both vertical and horizontal charging. Slim and compact, the device is easy to carry and perfect for commuting or traveling. It’s made of fire-resistant ABS material oiled with rubber oil for a sleek look. Built-in over-charging, over-heating, and short-circuit protection, and foreign object detection keeps your device safe. The KKM can charge through protective cases that are less than 6mm thick, and without magnetic and metal accessories or cards. Unfortunately, the wireless charger is not compatible with the MagSafe case if your iPhone 12 series system is upgraded to iOS 14.3 or later. Alongside the Qi wireless charging station you get a three-foot USB Type C cable, though an adapter is not included.

Blue Cut Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Cut Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Blue light video game glasses and blue light blocking glasses are designed to protect your eyes for the many hours you may stare at a screen, whether for work or for play. Blue Cut FDA registered lenses and computer glasses filter out harmful blue light rays and promise to keep your vision sharp and headache-free. Blue Cuts are non-polarized and constructed with a composite frame and plastic lenses, with a lens width of 55 millimeters so they work well and look great. The glasses come in magnifications from zero to 1.5.

Samsung Evo Select Plus MicroSD Memory Card

Samsung Evo Select Plus Micro SD Memory Card.

This teeny-tiny microSD card holds 256GB of photos and 4K videos, games, downloaded apps — you name it — all at top transfer speed. The card features class 10-rated transfer speeds of up to 130MB per second, while its ultra high speed (UHS) interface allows apps to load and run smoothly. Emo Select Plus provides reliable storage and protects against damage from water, high temperature, X-ray, magnets, drops, and wear. An adapter is included in the package.

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Large Phones

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Large Phones.

Photographing with your iPhone can be a challenge because of the inherent limitations on hand-held camera angles, so using a tripod is a great idea. The GripTight GorillaPod is not your ordinary tripod. Its flexible legs let you attach it to a tree, pole, or just sit on a table to get the perfect angle for shooting photos and videos. The Gorilla Pod comes with a portable stand to use while reading e-books, watching movies, or using apps. Or remove the Grip Tight Mount to attach your camera or any other quarter-inch mounted accessory, or use it with a webcam for better angles and mobility for Skype or FaceTime.

ELFRhino Headphone and Earphone Cord Organizer

ELFRhino Headphone and Earphone Cord Organizer.

It’s small, but it’s mighty useful: The ELFRhino Headphone and Earphone Cord Organizer keep your earbud cords on the straight and narrow, preventing tangling, and keeping them neat and tidy in your purse, backpack, desk, or drawer. It consists of a holder, earbuds straps holder, headset wrap winder, and cord manager cable winder in four cute colors. It also works for taming USB cords.

Esky Key Finder

Esky Key Finder.

If someone needs one tiny radio frequency tile to keep track of their possessions, then six probably isn’t too many either, because there are plenty of small items to lose track of every day. The Esky Key Finder comes with six key finder tiles that you can attach to small, easy-to-lose items. Then, press the color-coded buttons to locate them with the receiver sound or beep leading the way. The RF signal penetrates walls, floors, cushions, leather, and other substances to help find your item up to 98 feet (30 meters) away.

TechMatte Magnetic Car Phone Mount

TechMatte Magnetic Car Phone Mount.

One of the simplest ways to attach a smartphone to your older car dash is via a mount that attaches to the air vent. TechMatte’s minimalist design has a sturdy rubber base that holds tightly to the front air vents while a powerful magnetic head holds fast to various Samsung, Pixel, iPhone, HTC, OnePlus, or LG smartphones. The neodymium magnets produce an intense magnetic attraction and the magnetic mount phone holder plate has a smooth surface that is perfect for mounting and holding any smartphone in place. You can rotate your smartphone and swivel your display for the best view.

Awesome Screen Cleaning Ball

Awesome Screen Cleaning Ball

Here’s a fun way to keep your touchscreen smudge- and fingerprint-free. Awesome’s dual-action microfiber screen cleaning ball has an easy-to-grip ball shape that keeps your phone looking pristine — instead of gross. With its double-sided design, the microfiber pad removes surface junk while the ultra-fine pad shines and polishes touchscreens, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Wash the Awesome Screen Cleaning Ball with a gentle liquid cleaner if it gets mucky.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit.

The Truview 0.45x wide-angle lens, paired with the Clarus 15X Macro Lens lets you get more out of your smartphone camera: Get 45% more area in your photos, or magnify nearby subjects for super close-ups. It’s compatible with all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei, and other phone brands to facilitate shooting better photos of people, pets, landscapes, architecture, selfies, and more. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and optical glass, it’s compatible with all single and dual-camera phones. The GlowClip LED fill light clips anywhere on your phone to illuminate your subject and surroundings. The TrueGrip lens clip grips tightly to your lenses while you frame your shot. The multi-element, coated glass lenses minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and artifacts. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit’s travel case stores and protects all lens kit components while the quick-release lanyard draped around your neck is the perfect way to carry your lenses.

Fintie Screen Cleaning PadFintie Screen Cleaning Pad.

Designed to clean any touchscreen device you can imagine, leave it to Fintie to make even the cleaning chore a beautiful visual experience. Made of vegan leather on the back and soft microfiber cloth on the front, the cleaning pad removes dust, fingerprints, smudges, and other residues from the screen. Its elastic handle strap fits any hand, making it easy to hold the clean pad while wiping the screen. You can use it alone or carefully mist a bit of water or screen cleaner on the soft cloth to clear up very dirty surfaces. The Fintie Screen Cleaning Pad comes with various vibrant colors and patterns in a 3 x 3-inch four-pack.

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