Samsung may return to Windows Phone with a 5-inch, 1080p smartphone

Samsung Ativ S Neo Phone front home

Samsung has had a strange relationship with Windows Phone, having half-heartedly released a few mid-range phones over the years, but never fully embraced Microsoft’s OS in the same way it has with Android. This could change for the better if a new rumor pans out, as Samsung may be about to announce its first full HD Windows Phone.

The model in question is the SM-W750V, which has recently been spotted on a Bluetooth certification webpage, where a few choice details regarding its spec are provided. The screen resolution is listed as 1920 x 1080, or 1080p, and the browser as Internet Explorer. Seeing as Internet Explorer isn’t available as standard on any OS other than Windows Phone, it seems that’s what the W750V will be running.

Windows Phone fans will know that support for 1080p resolutions was only introduced at the end of last year, and currently, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is the only device on sale which takes advantage of this feature. If the W750V is real and has a high-res screen, then a quad-core processor is also probable.

This isn’t the first time the W750V has made a brief appearance either, as in December last year, the model number showed up on a shipping document. The phone was being sent from Korea to India for research and development purposes, at least according to the manifest. The document also let slip the phone will have a 5-inch display, which would make it smaller and more manageable than the big-screen Lumia 1520.

What we don’t know is when – or if – the W750V will be announced, or what its official name will be. However, Mobile World Congress begins in just over a month, and will be the launchpad for many new phones, so we’ll look out for it then, perhaps under the Ativ brand name.

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