Weekly rewind: Foldable phones, backpack hearts, growing human organs in pigs

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In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. Everything from the best apps for keeping track of the Euro 2016 action to how we’re growing human organs inside pigs, it’s all here.

Alphabet wants to beam high-speed Internet to your home


Google has been laying down fiber cables for four years, but parent-company Alphabet is already thinking about a future where you don’t have to dig “up your garden” to get high-speed internet access. In another moonshot project, Alphabet wants to wirelessly beam it into your home. Why? It’s cheaper, and apparently the technology today makes it viable, according to Alphabet’s Chairman Eric Schmidt at the annual shareholder meeting.

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While awaiting a transplant, this guy lived with an artificial ‘heart in a backpack’ for 555 days

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For more than a year, Stan Larkin was a heartless man — literally. The 25-year-old had his heart removed while awaiting transplant and was sustained using a backpack-encased artificial heart. Larkin not only survived 555 days with this portable heart, but he also thrived, returning home from the hospital and even playing basketball with the device.

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Time to change your Twitter password: 32 million accounts may have been hacked


Mark Zuckerberg, Katy Perry, Keith Richards, Tame Impala, Drake, Tenacious D, oh, and Twitter founder Evan Williams. What do they have in common? They’ve all had their Twitter accounts compromised in recent days, that’s what. And late Thursday it emerged the apparent hack could be serious. Like 32-million-accounts serious.

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Gooaaal! Don’t miss a single goal with the best Euro 2016 apps


The next World Cup is still two years away, but the Euro Championship is the next best thing for soccer (fùtbol) fans. The battle commences on Friday, June 10, as 24 teams from across Europe meet in 51 matches to decide who is the best on the continent. And if you want to keep up with every corner kick, save, and sliding tackle, below are some of the best Euro 2016 apps to do it.

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Transparent sound takes on a whole new meaning with this directional glass speaker


Considering how long the concept has been around, speakers haven’t changed all that much. And it turns out that there is plenty of room left to innovate, as we’re beginning to see more companies exploring the idea of directional sound. That said, until now, we’ve never seen the idea demonstrated in such a striking manner. On Wednesday, Turtle Beach unveiled the HyperSound Glass speaker, a fully transparent pane of glass that emits sound.

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