See how happy some people are when they use Android, but think it’s iOS 9

In the Dutch YouTube comedy show Dit Is Normaal’s provocative new video, the hosts take to the streets armed with an Apple iPhone that’s running Android, and demonstrate it to the public. The thing is, they tell people the phone is running iOS 9.

“Many people believe Apple’s iOS is better than Android,” we’re told at the start of the video, and when the question of why this is the case is posed, the general consensus is that iOS is smoother, faster, and prettier than Google’s OS.

How did the general populous react to the hybrid phone? Those interviewed on camera liked it. They liked it a lot. One guy states he’s pleased that Apple has refined iOS 9, saying that “It looks a little easier [to use], once again.” People also liked the icons, the power on/off menu, and the interactive widgets. Only one person seemed to recognize that it was Android, but wasn’t quite sharp enough to understand that it really was Android. He did say it “looked a lot like Android,” though.

The point of the video, according to its makers, is to prove that “it doesn’t matter what Apple releases,” because people are going to think it’s “prettier, bigger and better than the competition anyway.” Judging by the video and the people interviewed, they have a point.

We’d have preferred to see some of the reactions from people once they were told it was Android they were using, and we also wonder how many understood straight away that it wasn’t iOS at all. The team doesn’t reveal how Android was made to run on an iPhone either, so we’ll have to assume it’s a fake iPhone built using Android in the first place.

Regardless, the video is sure to please Android fanboys, and irk Apple fanboys. Us? We just want to see the bewildered reaction from the guy who says he is going to download the iOS 9 beta, right after he starts it up.