Stephen Colbert and other celebs are coming to Waze this September

Waze has become a favorite in any driver’s arsenal given its helpful directions and insightful info about nearby accidents, speed traps, and other road hazards. Now its users can enjoy a trio of new celebrity voices coming to the smartphone for a limited time, starting this September and beginning with none other than Stephen Colbert.

In anticipation of Colbert’s arrival to The Late Show on CBS this September, Waze drivers can get from point A to point B with Colbert’s iconic voice, complete with a new promo video by Colbert as he makes his way to the office on the open road, guided by none other than his own better half.

The voice, as revealed in the video, shows off a snarky, in-character Colbert, quite more like his Colbert Report self than the new, out-of-character version coming to take David Letterman’s place. If you’re interested, though, you’ll have to act fast — the promotional voice will expire on Sept. 22.

The celebrity voice update will also feature the voices of several other high-profile names, including New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and How I Met Your Mother’s own Neil Patrick Harris. Gronkowski is doing some sort of promotional event with Dunkin Donuts, which seems to be why these celebrities are doing the voiceovers, and how Waze appears to be cashing in on all of this. Harris planning to promote his new show Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, premiering in mid-September. No word yet on if these two other voice options will expire, and just how in-your-face the promotions will get while you’re driving.

Waze is also bringing some more features into the app with this celebrity voice update. The app will now alert drivers when passing through roads known for their hazards. The update adds to the already-extensive ways Waze tries to keep its drivers in the know and away from trouble all over the United States and beyond.