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Motorola is launching something “exciting” this Wednesday

Moto 360 Watch motorola logo
Mobile World Congress 2015 is on the horizon, which means a whole avalanche of new product launches, but we’ll be getting an early present on February 25 courtesy of Motorola. The Lenovo-owned company has promised to hand-deliver mystery boxes to members of the press on Wednesday, although details of what it contains are thin on the ground.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a guess though: Is it an update to the Moto 360 smartwatch? Are we getting a brand new Motorola phone (though it seems a bit soon for that)? Or is it something else entirely? Is the firm going to join Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung and others and get into the virtual reality market? We’ll know for sure in a few days’ time.

If you want to play detective and make some educated guesses about what’s in the box, then the company’s official statement will probably be of use: “Motorola is making an exciting announcement next week and wants you to be in the front row. The best part? You get to choose where and when you’d like to experience it. Everything you need fits inside one box, which we will deliver to your doorstep on Wednesday.”

What exactly counts as “exciting” these days? Are we looking at a fresh line of watch straps for the Moto 360? The mention of a “front row” and choosing “where and when you’d like to experience it” sounds like something to do with immersive entertainment and augmented reality but at this stage nothing is certain except the February 25 date. If you have any hunches, share them in the comments below.

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