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Keep an eye on your most important threads with WhatsApp's new pinned chats

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You’re a popular person, so it’s no wonder that your friends are blowing up your WhatsApp. But let’s be honest: You don’t have time for all those messages clogging up your inbox, especially when they detract attention from the folks who actually matter.

Thankfully, there’s now a way to cut through the noise. WhatsApp looks to be testing a new feature that will let you pin your most important conversations at the top of your inbox, so you always know what mom or dad has to say, even if Cousin Bob is trying to get your attention with 10 messages in a row.

As first reported by Android Police, WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and 163 have added the new feature, which allows you to designate certain WhatsApp contacts as VIP. Simply tap and hold any chat you’d like to access a pin icon in the action bar alongside the delete, mute, and archive options. Once you’ve pinned the conversation, it’ll stay at the top of your WhatsApp list, even if you have more recent chats. Think of it as a pinned tweet — it’ll always be at the top of your feed.

For the time being, it looks as though you can only pin three chats at a time. If you try to add more, you’ll get a toast notification informing you that your action isn’t allowed. But don’t worry — if one of your parents does something to annoy you, you can always unpin them from your favorites, and replace them with your favorite aunt or someone less insufferable.

WhatsApp is also experimenting with a special Change Number feature in the new beta, which ought to make it a lot more straightforward when it comes to changing the mobile number associated with an account. For now, it looks like you’ll have to get WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163 in order to access any of these new features, but it seems safe to assume that the popular messaging app will be rolling out these updates en masse relatively soon, too.

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