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Withings’ new Health Mate add-on makes sense of your in-home blood pressure tests

Taking an in-home blood pressure test is simple, but analyzing the data is not. If only you could get the type of analysis that’s almost as good as going to the doctor. That’s now possible with a new Hy-Result algorithm from Withings.

As part of the Health Mate app for iOS, Hy-Result is an in-app purchase that looks at personalized patient characteristics and recommended thresholds for normal blood pressure (BP) values when producing a full report that you can easily share with your doctor.

February is American Heart Month so there couldn’t be a better time to take charge of your own health. Hypertension is often referred to as the “The Silent Killer” as it’s among the leading risk factors for heart disease and strokes, and at least 970 million people worldwide live with this condition, according to the World Heart Federation. And high blood pressure is indeed often silent in the sense that sufferers may exhibit no initial symptoms. And the sooner it’s spotted, the less likely complications will occur.

Getting the proper analysis can’t be done with one BP test alone, so you’ll need to take multiple readings over a five-day period. Tests are to be done three times in the morning, followed by three more times in the evening, on each day.

You’ll also need to answer a questionnaire inquiring into such personal information as gender, age, present medications, and pre-existing diseases. Hy-Result will even take pregnancy into account.

Hy-Result will then help you better understand your results by showing three colored zones within the Health Mate app. Advice is also offered, which is based on international scientific recommendations that were validated by scientists and assessed by the Journal of Hypertension in the U.S.

Since Hy-Result isn’t meant to replace medical professionals, patients are urged to share the report with their doctor to decide the best course of action if needed.

Withings says that one study shows Hy-Result measurements are as accurate as those taken at a doctor’s office. It’s actually better in many instances since people are often anxious at medical offices, causing blood pressure spikes and a potential misdiagnosis.

Users of the Health Mate app on iOS can add Hy-Result through an in-app purchase of $5. If you haven’t tried Health Mate, you can download it here.

The company also offers a blood pressure monitor for $130. Click here to get more information or to purchase the device. You can also check out the video below to see how the monitor works.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
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