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Yahoo Mail makes it easier for online shoppers to find the best deals

Yahoo Mail is getting better and better for those that like to shop online. The company announced two new partnerships for Mail that should allow users to both get products they want to quickly, and help save customers money.

The first partnership is with a startup called ShopRunner and essentially gets Yahoo Mail users a one-year ShopRunner subscription for free. Normally, a ShopRunner subscription costs $79 for a year. But what are the benefits? ShopRunner essentially gives customers things like free two-day shipping, free returns, and so on, through its partnerships with dozens of retail partners.

The second partnership is with another startup, this one called Earny. Earny is aimed at ensuring you never overpay on items you buy online. It basically reviews purchases that you made from eligible retailers over the past 90 days, and if it finds that you spent more than you had to, it will automatically process refunds on your behalf. According to Yahoo, “If you paid $60 at one retailer and Earny finds it for $45 somewhere else, you get a check in the mail.” If you want to take advantage of the partnerships with ShopRunner and Earny, you will need to sign up. Yahoo Mail users can sign up for ShopRunner here, and for Earny here.

The partnerships aren’t the only new features coming to Yahoo Mail. The company is also refining its relatively new “Coupons” feature. The feature was launched late last year as a way to put together lists if coupons, and at the time Yahoo called it the digital version of “coupon clipping.” Now, the feature is getting a few new things — like Coupons Smart View, which allows you to save the deals you care about for later, and Receipts View, which helps you track the purchases you’ve already made online.

Yahoo has been trying to build new features into Yahoo Mail of late. Apart from things like Coupons, the company also launched features like “Travel Smart View,” which is aimed at helping you track your flight, notifying you when there are delays and gate changes, and helping you check in 24 hours before your flight.

Thankfully, the new features aren’t only limited to the Yahoo Mail mobile app — they are also available in the Yahoo Mail desktop website.

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