The 10 Best TV episodes you can watch on YouTube for free

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For a while now, major TV networks have increased the visibility of their shows by making select episodes available on YouTube.

While that episode and many others, like the thrilling series premiere of HBO’s Newsroom, are no longer available on YouTube for free, there are plenty of quality episodes to binge on without spending a dime.

Here are some of Digital Trends’ favorite freebies you can find on YouTube.

 Insecure — Insecure AF

HBO’s Insecure centers on show creator Issa Rae and the constellation of friends, lovers, and coworkers that orbit her. Inspired by Rae’s New York Times best-selling novel The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, this HBO comedy mines absurdity from the most normal occurrences, like a simple girl’s night out.

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Jungletown — Welcome to the Jungle

What do you get when you take 80 interns and put them in a Panamanian jungle with a mission to make a town? You get Viceland’s Jungletown. In the series premiere, the participants come to terms with the daunting task ahead.

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The Man in the High Castle — The New World

Throw out everything you learned in your high school history class, because in The Man in the High Castle, the Axis won World War II and New York City is under Nazi control. Loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, the series premiere is one of the most popular episodes of any Amazon Original series.

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Vice World of Sports — RIVALS: Aphromoo v. Doublelift 

People are making millions of dollars playing video games, and this episode of Viceland’s Vice World of Sports goes inside one of the biggest esports scenes, League of Legends. If you thought the most contentious sports betrayal was Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors, this episode will show you just how serious these esports athletes take their craft.

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Sneaky Pete — Pilot

In the series premiere of the Amazon original Sneaky Pete, Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) uses the childhood story of his jail cellmate to con his way out of being murdered. The episode will entertain you with its lightning-fast mixture of wit and rolling suspense. It may also teach you a few tricks for getting what you want from people.

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The Real Story — Apollo 13

The 1970 rescue of the Apollo 13 spacecraft was an iconic moment in American history, and the accompanying film Apollo 13 emboldened its lore. In this episode of Smithsonian Channel’s The Real Story, the memorable moments from the film are compared to what really happened to see just how close to the truth was to Apollo 13. The Smithsonian Channel has quite a few full episodes on YouTube that are worth checking out.

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Homeland — Pilot

In the series premiere of Homeland, U.S. soldier Brody, played masterfully by Damian Lewis, returns from captivity as Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and the CIA get word that a U.S. soldier defected to a terrorist group. The episode is six years old, but if you haven’t gotten into the series yet, it’s as engrossingly suspenseful as anything on TV now.

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Transparent Pilot

Few episodes shift the TV paradigm like the series premiere of Amazon’s Transparent. One of the first shows with a transgender protagonist, Transparent explores how Morton Pfefferman, played by Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor, adjusts to transitioning into Maura Pfefferman.

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Billions — Pilot

A U.S. attorney general investigating a hedge fund for illegal activity sounds about as exciting on paper as doing your taxes. However, when that attorney general is played by Paul Giammatti and the hedge fund manager is played by Damian Lewis, it becomes must-see television. The series premiere of Showtime’s scintillating new drama Billions is still one of the best of the entire series.

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Vice on HBO State of Surveillance

There may not be a better person to explain how much our everyday technology is used to spy on us than the man who exposed the United States’ immense surveillance efforts, Edward Snowden. In this episode of Vice on HBO, Snowden walks Vice CEO Shane Smith through numerous ways that simple devices such as your cell phone can be used to record your every movement.

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