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Better Call Saul's season 3 premiere is free to stream for everyone

Ever since Breaking Bad ended its run in 2013, the closest we have had to that seminal series is AMC’s Better Call Saul spinoff. Following the recent live airing of Better Call Saul‘s season 3 premiere, AMC made the episode available to stream for free, regardless of whether you have a cable subscription or not.

The episode is available to stream on AMC’s official website from your computer or via the network’s app. The episode is available to stream for the next 30 days on both desktop and mobile viewing. The only other ways to stream Better Call Saul‘s latest episodes is to purchase them individually from Google Play, or wait until season 3 is over and binge the season when it hits Netflix.

Watching on your laptop is the best viewing option if you want Better Call Saul to be virtually ad-free. There was not one ad shown during the entire 55-minute episode.

If you want to watch Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) weasel his way out of his usual legal trouble on your phone, prepare to be bombarded with ads. The ads are annoyingly frequent, appearing after nearly every major break in the story. At one point, a block of five 30-second ads were spliced together. That is enough to put anyone on the verge of breaking bad.

AMC has been in the giving mood lately with its original series. AMC’s new series The Son premiered on April 8, and the series’ first two episodes are available to stream for free for the next four months. The first two episodes of new comedy Brockmire from AMC-owned network IFC debuted on April 5, and both episodes are also available to stream without a cable subscription for 50 days.

There is no word if AMC will allow cord cutters to watch future episodes of Better Call Saul for free.

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