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Between the Streams: New Bond, MacGyver reboot, and a Tetris movie?

Between the Streams: New James Bond, old Arnold, and a Tetris movie?

DT’s entertainment show, Between the Streams, is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment, providing a handy recap of the week that was. (Add us via RSS, iTunes, or Stitcher at the links above to take BtS on the road!)

Time stops for no one, and its the same with the horde of new TV shows and movies — they just keep coming, folks, and this is another huge week. First things first, we’re talking gaming movies, because apparently that’s the hot, new Hollywood trend. Sure, there’s the possibly disastrous Warcraft film, the critically panned Angry Birds film (which opens this weekend), and you may have even seen some pretty intriguing trailers for Michael Fassbender’s new Assassin’s Creed movie. But Tetris?

While Angry Birds was a big stretch, it seems nearly impossible to make an actual film about falling blocks, but don’t tell that to Chinese media exec Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff (of True Lies fame), who are said to be pitching an $80 million joint venture about the hit game of old. The team appears to be dead serious, and are even hiring the same VFX team behind Deadpool to make the film a reality.

A much more intriguing film (premiering this weekend) is the Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling buddy comedy/mystery flick Nice Guys, which is getting rave reviews and takes the spotlight as our Highlight of the Week. The trailers alone got us stoked for this one, with Gosling and Crowe shining — equal parts hilarious and (in Crowe’s case) brutally badass. The icing on the cake is director/writer Shane Black, who has created some of the best action films and buddy flicks in the genre, from the Lethal Weapon franchise to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Speaking of Shane Black, he’s also behind the rumored comeback of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new Predator reboot, The Predator. While Black couldn’t confirm whether Arnold would be back, he did let us know that if he does make an appearance, it will be as his current status: Old Arnold. In other words, there will be no movie magic to bring Schwarzenegger’s iconic original character back to the franchise in his youth via CGI.

Other topics this week vary from Harley Quinn’s own DC Comics spinoff film, to a Star Wars film hoax, to Daniel Craig’s stepping down as Bond for a possible ascent to the throne by Mr. Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki himself.

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