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Between the Streams: Game of Thrones preview, Jason Bourne, and spoiler rules

Between the Streams: Game of Thrones preview, Jason Bourne, and spoiler rules
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There’s only one thing on our minds this week, and it’s likely the same that’s on yours. That’s right, I’m talking about HBO’s flagship, the wacky crew from Westeros, it’s Game of Thrones. We’ll be spending a large portion of the show this week talking about the sixth season, which airs this coming Sunday. That means a breakdown of what we think is coming this season, including an investigation of some of our favorite characters, as well as our theories, rumors about this being the “best season ever,” and even exploring HBO’s fears of what exactly will happen once the show finally wraps in the coming years.

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Fittingly, along with our Game of Thrones extravaganza, we’ll also be discussing (spoiler alert) our rules on spoiler alerts this week. We’ve heard about some fears that our show may offer too many of them, so we want to lay out some definitive rules so that all may feel welcome here at Between the Streams, without fear of ruining the new hotness. While we definitely strive to keep you informed, first and foremost is our desire to keep you happy, so we’ll be working on making sure all are welcome. That being said, there is a statute of limitations that we have to lay out — you can only have so much time, otherwise, well, we couldn’t talk about anything. Tune in today to find out our rules, as well as our drinking game that connects to the subject.

Finally, we’ll also be discussing a few other matters outside of Westeros this week, including Matt Damon’s dashing return to the Jason Bourne franchise and more, so tune in, and be sure to follow us on Stitcher, iTunes, and Facebook live.

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