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Ready for your big break? The ‘Candy Crush’ TV show is casting fans of the game

moschino candy crush
If you thought we were kidding when we reported that Candy Crush is being turned into a TV show, think again. Its production is moving right along, with the producers of the show now actively searching for participants. They need teams of two who are “outgoing” and who are also fans of the match three game, who want to compete in the new “Candy Crush Arena.”

You might be wondering what a show based around a match three game could really be like and you’d be one of many. Although the actual content of the show has yet to be detailed, we’re told it will involve participants using “their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards featuring next-generation technology.”

Again, what next-generation technology means in this context is anyone’s guess, but it’s likely that the link between what happens on the show and what happens in  the mobile Candy Crush app, will be rather different.

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Despite that, CBS, King, and Lionsgate have all partnered up to make this show, so if you want to sign up to be on it, now’s the time.

On the Candy Crush casting form page, you’ll be asked for your name, age, gender, occupation, your second teammate’s information, your skill at Candy Crush, what level you’re on, and a personal statement on why you’d be good for the show, as well as for your contact details.

This being the 21st century though, you’ll also need to break out your phone and record a two-minute video of yourself (and turn your phone to landscape mode, please, the casting company directs), to explain what unique talents you could bring to the show. Ready for your big break?

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