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Don’t let these 3 October hidden streaming TV show gems fly under your radar

Every month, you hear about some of the best new shows to stream on all the top streaming services. For October, for example, this includes shows like the second season of Loki on Disney+ and Apple TV+ original series Lessons in Chemistry. But there are plenty of other great shows flying under the radar, not only this month but every month.

In some cases, the shows surprise by moving into the respective streaming service’s top 10 list as they are discovered by more and more viewers. In other cases, it’s a much slower build until people realize this show is worth watching: consider Suits, which aired on USA Network and ended in 2019 but is finding a second life now through Netflix. So, what new shows might fall into a similar category this month? We have rounded up three hidden streaming TV show gems to watch this month that you might not otherwise have considered.

Gen V

Gen V – Official Redband Trailer | Prime Video

You might have heard about Gen V and know it’s a spin-off of the series The Boys. But what you may not realize is that you can watch Gen V without having watched The Boys and still enjoy the superhero series. Gen V is like Wednesday on steroids, with plenty more blood, gore, and vulgarity. It tackles both the typical challenges teenagers and young adults go through when puberty strikes as well as unique ones like that only superpowered beings go through.

Just as shockingly crass as The Boys (there’s a warning before almost every episode), Gen V is also as clever with its subtle social commentary. The show is smartly written, wonderfully acted, and subversive. You’ll want to get behind the compelling characters, from the gender-shifting Jordan to the blood-bending Marie. While you’ll have a far better understanding of the story if you have watched The Boys, Gen V exists so much in its own world that you can still follow the story without needing the background.

Stream Gen V on Prime Video.


'BECKHAM' Documentary Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Receiving positive reviews when it premiered early this month, Beckham came out of nowhere to become one of the best docuseries on Netflix. Delivered in just four parts, you’ll learn about the inner workings of the popular British footballer’s life and career, from his time as a child to his rising star status and marriage to Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), member at the time of the Spice Girls, of one of the biggest pop girl groups ever from the U.K. Most shockingly, you’ll also learn of the deep hate and vitriol he dealt with after making a singular but crucial mistake in that fateful World Cup game.

The British tabloid press is known for being ruthless, but in this case, it was the public that pushed Beckham to a dark place at a time when mental health in sports wasn’t at the forefront of thinking. It’s a fascinating watch about a young boy with a passion for English football who found himself thrust into a spotlight for his personal life as much as his professional one. If you’re a fan of the Beckhams or just fascinated with their lives and curious about what the historically soft-spoken English footballer has to say, Beckham won’t disappoint.

Stream Beckham on Netflix.


Wrestlers | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you love wrestling and appreciate any time you come across a new show, reality show, or docuseries about some of your favorite wrestlers from the ‘80s and ’90s, you’ll want to check out Wrestlers. The series follows Allen Ray Sarven, a former professional wrestler who went by the name of Al Snow, as he runs Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and tries to bring it back to its old glory.

Wrestlers likely hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves, with plenty of wrestling fans who probably don’t even know that it exists. Nonetheless, this low-key series has plenty of heart and provides an insightful look into the behind-the-scenes business side of pro wrestling.

Stream Wrestlers on Prime Video.

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