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Don’t let these 3 February hidden streaming movie gems fly under your radar

Karen Gillan and Chloe Coleman in Gunpowder Milkshake.

February is the month of love—at least, that’s what marketing agencies and shop owners would have us believe. Those who are coupled up should enjoy the love-is-in-the-air attitude that plagues this particular month and, in particular, Valentine’s Day, while those of us who are single will try our best to avoid it. No matter our romantic situation, though, one thing’s for sure, and that is we all enjoy a great movie.

From obscure romantic comedies to passionate romantic dramas and even films for those who want to forget all about love, these hidden streaming gems on Netflix and Tubi, are perfect to watch this month. So grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back to enjoy these underappreciated gems that will surely make for a wonderful February afternoon.

Plus One (2019)

Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid as Alice and Ben at a wedding in the film Plus One.
Image via RLJE Films

Let’s start with a good old-fashioned rom-com. Maya Erskine, who currently stars in Amazon’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Jack Quaid, the endearing Hughie from The Boys, star in the 2019 rom-com Plus One. The plot centers on two friends who agree to be each other’s plus one’s for the season’s upcoming weddings. Things get complicated when they start developing feelings for each other, threatening their arrangement and, more importantly, their friendship.

Plus One is a perfect romantic comedy. Literally, 10/10, no notes. Bolstered by Erskine and Quaid’s perfect blend of romantic and comedic chemistry, the film soars to the top of the genre’s charts, echoing the golden days of the 90s rom-com. Plus One is sweet, incredibly funny, and surprisingly emotional without becoming dramatic. It’s everything fans of the genre are looking for and would make a perfect February watch. Few films are more February-coded than this one.

Plus One is now streaming on Tubi.

God’s Own Country (2017)

Alec Secǎreanu and Josh O'Connor as Gheorghe and Johnny looking to the distance in the film Gods Own Country.
Image via Picturehouse Entertainment

Still in the romance territory, albeit far less comedic, we have Francis Lee’s 2017 romantic drama God’s Own Country. In his breakthrough role, future Emmy winner and The Crown star Josh O’Connor stars as Johnny Saxby, a young and detached farmer living with his father and grandmother at a Yorkshire farm. His lifestyle, which involved having sex with random men and avoiding any form of emotional intimacy, is upended by the arrival of Gheorghe, a migrant Romanian worker.

Passionate, sweeping, and insightful, God’s Own Country is a searing romantic drama, a quietly riveting depiction of loneliness and the true meaning of intimacy. O’Connor and co-star Alec Secareanu are incredible in their roles, delivering intimate yet fiery portrayals of unspoken desire blended with fear, doubt, and longing. God’s Own Country is among the best LGBTQ+ films in recent years, the rare queer story that doesn’t end in tragedy or heartbreak. Yet, it remains insightful and rewarding, presenting a deeply human story about love that never succumbs to sentimentality.

God’s Own Country is now streaming on Tubi.

Gunpowder Milkshake (2021)

Lena Headey and Karen Gillan as Scarlet and Sam holding guns and taking cover behind a bookshelf in the film Gunpowder Milkshake.
Image via Netflix

Finally, if you’re really not in the mood for romance, here’s the ideal movie for you. February’s hottest unsung film is Gunpowder Milkshake. Directed by the incredibly named Navot Papushado, the film follows Sam, a young hitwoman who must seek the help of her estranged mother and her old friends to protect a girl from vengeful assassins seeking revenge for a wrongful death.

This movie has everything: milkshakes, Karen Gillan kicking ass, explosive music, gunpowder, Lena Headey kicking ass, bright neon lights. Wait, is that Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh with Oscar-winner Angela Basset joined by should-be-Oscar-winner Carla Gugino? And on the sidelines, it’s future Oscar-winner Paul Giamatti doing his best villainous role since Big Fat Liar. If, like me, you think Gena Rowlands should’ve won the 1981 Oscar for Best Actress, then Gunpowder Milkshake is for you. It’s one of the best action movies on Netflix, one which finally answers the question: “What if Nebula had grown up with a mother instead of an abusive dad?”

Gunpowder Milkshake is now streaming on Netflix.

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