Darth Vader is running for Ukrainian Parliament and he has the best campaign ads

It’s no surprise that Ukraine is going through a rough patch right now, but are things so bad that electing Darth Vader into office is considered a step in the right direction?

That’s the question being posed to voters in this October’s Ukrainian Parliamentary elections, as a candidate identified as “Darth V. Vader” is currently campaigning to earn a seat in the governing body for the nation. Vader is one of several candidates backed by the Ukrainian Internet Party who are all running under names inspired by Star Wars characters.

In a series of campaign ads, Vader is shown playing a traditional Ukrainian musical instrument in one ad (posted above), while he and other candidates and their “campaign staff” — which include various storm troopers and Imperial Guard troops — are pictured alongside famous Ukrainian landmarks in other ads. Among the other candidates are “Stepan Chubakka,” “Master V. Yoda,” and “Padme N. Amidala.”

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Darth Vader has been a popular character to channel among Ukrainian activists and small political parties, as the character has appeared on prior ballots and both individuals and groups have dressed like the Sith Lord to protest various government activities in recent years.

The elections are held October 26, and Radio Free Europe reports that 16 candidates with names based on Darth Vader are running in the election.

You can watch another campaign ad featuring Darth Vader below (and many others on YouTube):