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Karen Gillan must battle herself in the first Dual trailer

Living with yourself can be one of the most difficult things to do in this world. But in the world of Dual, killing yourself can be pretty tricky too, especially if your other self can fight back. That’s the dilemma faced by Sarah, as portrayed by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Karen Gillan. In the first trailer for Dual, Sarah prepares for her imminent death by allowing herself to be cloned. She does this to let her family and friends continue to have some part of Sarah in their lives after she succumbs to a terminal illness. The problem is that Sarah lives, and her clone isn’t going anywhere.

In the trailer, clone Sarah seems to be pretty adept at ingratiating herself into Sarah’s life, much to the annoyance of the original Sarah. Sharing a life with her alternate self just isn’t an option, and both versions of Sarah have been ordered to fight to the death. And may the best woman win.

DUAL - Official Trailer

Now, it should be obvious from the trailer that this a satire, even though the stakes are very real for Sarah. That’s why she reaches out to Trent, a self-defense teacher in whom she places her trust. Sarah has one year to become a fighter and someone who is willing to kill. In the interim,  clone Sarah appears to be stalking her other self. And yet neither version of Sarah can accurately be called “evil.” They may be selfish, but they are still human.

Karen Gillan and Karen Gillan in Dual.
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Aaron Paul co-stars in the film as Trent, with Theo James as Robert Michaels, Beulah Koale as Peter, Maija Paunio as Sarah’s Mother, Sanna-June Hyde as Doctor, Andrei Alén as Facility Tech, and Kris Gummerus as To.

Dual was written and directed by Riley Stearns, a filmmaker who is best known for helming Faults and The Art of Self-Defense. RLJE Films will release Dual in theaters on April 15.

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