Will Ferrell & Billy Eichner take to the streets of New York in Christmas onesies

OK, so he isn’t “going streaking” this time, as he famously did in the movie Old School. But Will Ferrell did frantically run down the streets once again, this time with Bill Eichner for a new episode of his TruTV show, Billy on the Street.

Both wearing festive, Christmas onesies, the pair stopped unsuspecting passers-by on the bustling streets of New York City to ask them questions about Christmas movies.

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Ferrell, of course, famously played the title role in the 2003 Christmas flick Elf. Eichner wanted to know which was a better film, Elf or Scrooged. Along with this question, the pair quizzed people about who starred in Scrooged (for the record, it was Bill Murray), who’s face appeared on a bright, red Christmas ornament they were holding (Leonardo DiCaprio), and one man was even given a present: a giant bale of hay.

A few people were clearly fascinated by the presence of the hilarious actor, but many were simply startled by Eichner’s signature spastic approach. And, let’s face it, how would you initially react if two strapping men wearing adult-sized Christmas onesies approached you, camera crew in tow?

Billy on the Street debuted on its new home, TruTv, on October 8, after airing for almost four years on Fuse. The first episode featured Chris Pratt with Eichner as the latter hilariously asked a number of strangers to identify the rising star actor who accompanied him. Most, hilariously, had no idea who Pratt was.

Billy on the Street is part of the Funny or Die empire. Ferrell is one of the co-founders of the comedy video website and film/TV production company, alongside Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. The quiz show segment is created and executive produced by Eichner himself.