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New York has no idea who Chris Pratt is in this new Billy on the Street segment

Billy on the Street - Chris Pratt Lightning Round
He’s arguably one of the hottest actors today, starring in major films like Jurassic World and Guardians of Galaxy. Yet a new segment from Billy on the Street suggests that there’s one group of people who could still walk right by the up-and-coming A-lister and have no idea who he is: New Yorkers.

In the first episode of the Funny or Die show’s fourth season, which aired October 8 on its new home at truTV, host Billy Eichner did what he does best and took to the streets of New York to pose random questions to random passers-by. But this time, he had Pratt in tow, running alongside him for his Lightning Round. As per usual, he carried around a bunch of dollar bills. And this time, he was asking the New Yorkers to name the actor who stood with him to receive a buck.

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While Pratt took it like a man, it must have been a little bit soul crushing to talk to person after person, of varying age groups, who looked puzzled as to who this young man was accompanying Eichner. He’s a good-looking guy, one man admitted. Another mistook Pratt for another famous Chris, and a third, still, believed it when Eichner told him Pratt was Josh Duhamel. (At least Pratt can take some solace in the fact that the New Yorker clearly didn’t know who Duhamel was either.)

Eichner tries his best to get the random folks to clue in, naming the movies Pratt has most recently appeared in, and even quoting magazines that have called him one of the hottest actors of today. But in most cases, no dice. Eichner even recoils in horror as one couple declares they “don’t watch TV.” “He’s in movies!” Eichner cries, jokingly stating that the actor is no longer slaving it away on TV anymore. (Pratt, of course, had a major role on Parks & Recreation.)

Even when Eichner does come across a woman who recognizes Pratt immediately, one of her first comments to him relates her love for his wife. Drats.

It’s a segment worth watching. And while you might be tempted to pity Pratt,  we think he’s doing quite alright, and perhaps enjoying his new-found ability to walk the streets of NYC, clearly undetected.

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