Game of Thrones creator eyes HBO for new series about a sci-fi novelist


With the fifth season of Game of Thrones premiering in less than a week, creator George R.R. Martin’s fans have a lot to look forward to — including a new series the acclaimed author is developing for HBO.

Along with his work on the next novel in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that inspired Game of Thrones, Martin is reportedly developing a new television series about a young science-fiction writer during the dawn of the television age in 1949. According to Entertainment Weeklythe series is tentatively titled Captain Cosmos, and will follow an author who “tells stories no one else will dare to tell.”

While the project is still at an early stage, the pilot episode for Captain Cosmos is being penned by Beverly Hills, 90210 and Z Nation writer Michael Cassutt, who also served as a producer on the ’90s series Eerie, Indiana, and the revival of The Outer Limits.

No stranger to television himself, Martin penned several episodes of The Outer Limits during Cassutt’s tenure, and also served as a writer on the ’80s revival of The Twilight Zone anthology series and the celebrated ’90s series Beauty and the Beast. In addition, Martin served as a producer on Beauty and the Beast, which starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton as a pair of star-crossed lovers in a modern retelling of the classic tale.

Still, while the idea for Captain Cosmos comes from Martin, the author isn’t expected to take a major role in producing the series due to his commitments to “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Martin recently canceled a series of appearances promoting Game of Thrones in order to work on the sixth novel in the series. The author has indicated that he expects to have the novel, titled The Winds of Winter, published before the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

The fifth season of Game of Thrones premieres April 12 at 9pm ET on HBO.