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Harrison Ford home and recovering well after California plane crash (Update)

harrison ford injured in california plane crash
Denis Shumov/Shutterstock
Harrison Ford is at home and recovering well after being injured in a plane crash in early March, according to good friend and star Hollywood producer, Frank Marshall.

Speaking with Variety, Marshall said Ford had left the UCLA hospital and was in good spirits.

“Harrison is at home and he’s up and about,” Marshall said. “I talked to him yesterday and he’s doing really well. He’s pretty banged up, but he’s recovering remarkably. He wants to play tennis.”

Ford was injured after the vintage single-engine aircraft he was piloting crashed onto a golf course close to Santa Monica Municipal Airport. The accident happened on March 5 at around 2.20pm PT, with the Los Angeles Fire Department attending what it said was a “medium-to-high impact” plane crash.

Ford was reported to have sustained multiple cuts to his head, though was breathing and alert upon landing. No one else was in the aircraft.

The accident was first reported by TMZ. A witness who was on the golf course when the plane came down told the celebrity news site said she’d heard the engine sputter before it did a “nose dive straight on the 8th-hole tee box.”

Marshall claims it was Ford’s expert piloting skills that allowed him to escape the crash relatively unscathed. In a case of fiction meets reality, the actor, famous for playing adventurer Indiana Jones as well as Han Solo, the expert pilot of the “bucket of bolts” Millenium Falcon in the Star Wars franchise, apparently has no shortage of skills behind the stick of a real aircraft.

“He’s a really good pilot,” Marshall said. “I’ve talked to a lot of pilots who said that was a hell of a landing and he did everything correct in that situation. He made an incredible landing, to his credit. He is, after all, Indiana Jones.”

LAPD’s Nuria Vanegas said that “mechanical failure” was the most likely cause of the crash.

Updated 4/1/2015 by Ryan Waniata: This article was updated to include new information on Harrison Ford’s recovery.

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