Rdio steps outside its music-only box and adds video streaming with the launch of Vdio


Rdio is currently one of the Internet’s most popular music discovery and streaming sites. When they formally launched back in 2010, their intent was to offer a one of a kind music service that caters to the people who wanted on-the-go, watch-and-listen experiences – a goal that’s obviously been well-met, proven by its constantly growing audience. Today, Rdio proves they mean business when it comes to giving people what they want with the launch of Vdio, a brand-new platform for discovering movies and TV shows.

One of Vdio’s key features is that it intelligently figures out what show or movie you may want to see at the moment, a problem that can be a hit-or-miss for other video streaming platforms. It promises an assorted arsenal of titles to choose from as well as a quicker transition from browsing to viewing content. Just like its partner service Rdio, Vdio also includes an avenue for social discovery – a necessity for most media applications these days – that allows users to not only create personal playlists that will improve future content discovery, it also lets them see what shows their friends are recommending, or even what they are currently watching and allowing users to virtually join in.

For its early release, Vdio is exclusively offering Rdio Unlimited subscribers in both the U.S. and the U.K. an expanse of classics and new releases alike – and they intend to add more on a daily basis. New TV show episodes become available after the original air date, and complete seasons are offered at a discounted price.

We’ve known about Rdio’s video-streaming dreams since October 2011, and since then we’ve only been exposed to very little information about the project. Today, Rdio Unlimited subscribers as well as new sign-ups in the next two months can actually take the long-awaited service for a test drive through an automatic $25 credit on their accounts. Right now, Vdio only works for Web and iPad use, but access for other devices and platforms will soon be made available, according to Rdio’s official blog announcement.

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