Jennifer Lawrence teases meeting with Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig

jennifer lawrence hunger games

Yesterday brought word that Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids actress Rebel Wilson had met with the director of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, and now the ante is officially upped with the news that Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence has also had a recent meeting with filmmaker Paul Feig.

Lawrence mentioned her meeting with Feig during an interview with MTV UK, in which the cast of various 2014 films were asked who they’d like to see in a female-led reboot of the supernatural comedy series.

“I actually met with the director,” revealed Lawrence around the :37 mark in the video. “I had dinner with him.”

After being warned by her co-stars in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 not to “cross the streams,” Lawrence later admitted that she didn’t actually know there was a Ghostbusters 2.

“Are you serious?” she said (around the 1:51 mark) when told that the 1989 sequel to Ghostbusters starred the same set of leads as the 1984 original film. Although she may not have the Ghostbusters awareness that fans would like her to have, the plan to have the film be a total reboot of the franchise means she may not need it.

You can watch the video from MTV UK below: