Kickstarter brings hundreds of crowdfunded films to iTunes

kickstarter brings hundreds crowdfunded films itunes veronica mars

Think Kickstarter and movies and it’s probably the Veronica Mars film that comes to mind first, but the crowdfunding site is responsible for several hundred movies made possible by the pledges of supporters. Now many of these titles are making their way to iTunes in a new section of the store dedicated to Kickstarter projects.

The Kickstarter Collection appears as a subsection of the Independent movie category, and you can also access it directly from the blog post announcement. Dramas, documentaries and comedies are available, including the Veronica Mars movie, while Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here will appear after its release in July.

“Since 2009, people from all over the world have pledged $200 million to film and video projects on Kickstarter,” explained Kickstarter’s Michael McGregor when announcing the iTunes tie-in. “As a result, hundreds of Kickstarter-funded films have opened theatrically, thousands have played at festivals, seven have been nominated for Academy Awards, and Inocente even won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short last year.”

As well as full-length feature films, the Kickstarter Collection also features shorts, Web series and other projects, with the crowdfunding origins being the common denominator between them all. “Today’s a big day for film and a big day for fans,” says McGregor, before suggesting that there’s more to come in terms of Kickstarter and movies in the near future.

The official iTunes agreement is testament to Kickstarter’s growing influence on all aspects of culture, including movies, music, comics and theater, and if you want to know more you can read why we think the crowdfunding site is great for independent cinema.

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