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Netflix’s Metal Lords trailer has teen angst & a band battle

At first glance, the co-creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones and the producer of Harold and Kumar seem like an odd match to bring a heavy metal-infused teen comedy to life. But that’s exactly what D.B. Weiss and Grieg Shapiro have done with Netflix’s Metal Lords. Weiss wrote and executive produced the film coming off of his eight seasons on Game of Thrones, while Shapiro has a lot of experience in this particular genre. But it’s their unlikely creative partnership that gets the spotlight in Netflix’s first trailer for Metal Lords.

Metal Lords | D.B. Weiss | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the film, Hunter and Kevin are two high school students who love heavy metal so much that they form their own band. Unfortunately, their skills as a duo fall short of the music they want to make. That’s where Emily comes in. She’s a student who comes from across the pond, and she’s got a bit of metal in her, even though she isn’t what either Hunter or Kevin expected. But they can’t be a real band without her.

Or course it’s never that simple. Kevin may have recruited Emily for her cello skills, but he’s also clearly interested in romantically pursuing her. That’s one of the reasons why Hunter is so threatened by Emily’s newfound presence in his life. It’s also why he constantly suggests that she doesn’t belong in their band, Skullf***er. But she might surprise Hunter and Kevin by how far she’s willing to go to take the band to the next level.

Adrian Greensmith and Jaeden Martell star in the film as Hunter and Kevin, respectively; while Isis Hainsworth will play Emily. Brett Gelman also stars as Dr. Sylvester, with Sufe Bradshaw as Dean Swanson, Katie O’Grady as Laurie Schlieb, Michelle Mao as Lisa Randall, Noah Urrea as Clay Moss, Analesa Fisher as Kendall Sarn, and Rachel Pate as Ms. Johnson.

Adrian Greensmith and Isis Hainsworth in Metal Lords.

Peter Sollett directed Metal Lords from Weiss’ script. It will premiere on Netflix on April 8.

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