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Netflix trailer for ‘The Keepers’ gives ‘Making a Murderer’ a run for its money

Netflix hooked mystery-loving viewers with Making a Murderer in December 2015 and the streaming service may do so again with its latest crime docuseries, The Keepers. The show’s trailer, unveiled Wednesday, certainly looks promising. It delves into the decades-old murder of a Baltimore nun, Sister Cathy, and a possible cover-up from the last people one would expect.

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a 26-year-old teacher at Archbishop Keough High School in 1969 when she went missing. Months later, police reported that her body had been found and that she had been murdered. No one was ever charged with the crime.

There are many fascinating layers to the story. As we can see in the trailer, the docuseries explores abuse allegations at the school and the possibility that members of the clergy killed Sister Cathy because of what she knew. It also suggests that law enforcement officers were involved in covering up the murder.

“The story is not the nun’s killing; the story is the cover-up of the nun’s story,” says one woman in the preview.

Over the course of its seven parts, the docuseries revisits the murder of Sister Cathy and the possible cover-up, mixing in interviews with former Keough students, journalists, and government officials as well as with her friends and relatives.

“This goes bigger and deeper than we can imagine,” says another woman.

True crime fans are bound to salivate over The Keepers. With murder, conspiracy, and corruption, it features many of the elements that made Making a Murderer so captivating. Plus, The Keepers looks utterly bingeable.

The docuseries is directed by Ryan White, who is an executive producer alongside Jessica Hargrave, Josh Braun, Ben Cotner, Jason Spingarn-Koff, and Lisa Nishimura. Nishimura was also an executive producer for Making a Murderer. The series is produced by Film 45 and Tripod Media for Netflix.

The Keepers starts streaming on Netflix on May 19.

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