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Catching Killers is the most popular show on Netflix right now. Here’s why you should watch it

True crime fans have reason to celebrate because Catching Killers has returned for a third season on Netflix. And unlike many imitators in the genre, this true crime docuseries dives into some very famous (or infamous) cases without giving into sensationalism. Series creators Simon Dekker and Diana Sole Walko have found the perfect format that allows them enough time to explore the case at hand without overstaying their welcome. Essentially, it’s less of a series and more of an anthology, aside from a few two-part episodes.

The series is a hit with audiences and is currently the most popular show on Netflix right now. But if you’re still on the fence about trying out another true crime show, we’re here to share three reasons why you should watch Netflix’s Catching Killers.

Real investigators share their stories

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So many true crime stories are told years after the fact by people who had little or nothing to do with the actual case. In the true crime podcast space, there are even endless amateur detectives who believe that they can find something that professional investigators missed. Catching Killers is notable for using the real investigators, whenever possible, to share their personal stories of how they tried to break their cases.

But this isn’t a show that glosses over police failures, and there are many. Real life isn’t neat and tidy like your Hollywood thrillers. Sometimes, the investigators featured in Catching Killers missed clues or misinterpreted evidence. And the consequences for those mistakes can be deadly.

The show dives into the most infamous cases

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Aside from the investigators, Catching Killers‘ greatest strength is its ability to focus on some of the most notorious cases. In season 1, the spotlight fell on the Green River Killer, Aileen Wuornos, and the Happy Face Killer. Season 2 shifted to the murderer known as BTK, the Toronto Village Killer, and the Phoenix serial shooter.

The newly released season 3 keeps that tradition alive. The first episode explores the case of the Railroad Killer before recounting the chase for the deadly copycat murderer who was known as the New York Zodiac Killer. The hunt for DC Sniper and the Olympic Park Bomber rounds out the season’s final two episodes.

Brief and concise episodes

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One of the reasons why Catching Killers is so easy to get lost in is because the episodes range from 30 to 45 minutes. There’s not a lot of fluff in this series, and it tends to cut to the chase, so to speak. To date, only two killers have been featured in back-to-back episodes: the Happy Face Killer and the Toronto Village Killer. And that was only because their stories needed the extra space to be told.

The best analogy for Catching Killers is that it’s a quick meal that can be easily digested. These tightly written and presented episodes work equally well as either stand-alone viewing experiences or a true crime binge that will keep you on the edge of your seat even if you know the outcome.

Catching Killers is now streaming on Netflix.

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