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Netflix teases Mr. Show reunion with promo for W/ Bob & David

It’s been a long journey for fans of the masterclass in sketch comedy that was HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David — the “Bob and David” here being lauded actors/comedians Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. Years after the short-lived series, which brought Monty Python-style comedic absurdity to a whole new generation, Netflix (who else) has commissioned a reboot of sorts, called simply W/ Bob & David. And today, we got our first teaser of the anticipated comedy reunion.

For some of us, watching Cross and Odenkirk languish in relative obscurity for years after Mr Show’s inevitable cancellation was as painful as their eventual recognition was vindicating. (Odenkirk broke through with Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, while Cross got his with Arrested Development.)

And while Mr. Show was yet another victim of the “it’s too good to last” TV paradox that has killed so many great comedy series (Party Down, Michael and Michael Have Issues, and even Arrested Development, to name a few), in the streaming era it seems there’s room for all the colors of the comedy rainbow.

As it’s done so often in the past, Netflix is hoping to capitalize on nostalgia, as well as Odenkirk and Cross’s strange brand of comedic alchemy that made them sketch-comedy legends, albeit several years ago.

In the very short teaser, we see the two aging arbiters of silliness readily acknowledge the 16 years of pause between series as they break forth from a TARDIS-style porta-potty in futuristic garb, complete with cheap Rip Van Winkle beards.

“You look really old!” says Cross. “You look really fake-old too,” replies Odenkirk, as Mr. Show series regular Brian Posehn chimes in with the obvious question, “Did you guys s*** in there for 16 years?”

Nah, they were just practicing their craft for this inevitable reunion, Brian. And we can’t wait to see the results of their efforts.

W/ Bob and David premieres with four new 30-minute episodes on Netflix Nov. 13.

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