New Details on X-Men: First Class

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In a discussion with AICN, Bryan Singer, co-writer and producer on the upcoming X-Men: First Class, revealed a few details about the movie, including when it will be set, the look he’s going for, and a few pieces of casting news.

The movie will focus on Charles Xavier, played by James McAvoy, and Erik Lensherr (aka Magneto), played by Michael Fassbender as they first meet and together dream up the X-Men. The events will take place before Xavier was confined to a wheelchair, although the movie will feature the events that led to his injuries.

Set in the early days of the 1960s when Kennedy was president, the Civil Rights was gaining popularity, and the country felt like it could do anything, the story will feature both the look, and the optimistic feeling of the era. The movie will have a heavy international feel to it, akin to the old James Bond movies, and filming will take place in the US, England, and several locations will be created to represent places like the Soviet Union. The movie will begin with Xavier at Oxford, and the Hellfire Club — an organization of mutants in England that are part social club, part villains — will play a major part.

Singer also revealed a few pieces of casting news as well. Neither Jean Grey nor Cyclops will be in the movie (contradicting earlier rumors that had Kick Ass’ Aaron Johnson playing the role of Cyclops), but it will feature his brother, Alex Summers, aka Havoc. There are more casting surprises coming in the next month as filming gets underway, but for now we have confirmation that we will be seeing Darwin, Raven Darkholme, Banshee, Beast, Azazel, Emma Frost, and a female Angel.  Singer also confirmed that despite the similar name, the movie would not be related to the comic of the same name.

The movie begins filming in London on September 21. X-Men: First Class will hit theaters on June 3, 2011.