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Take a ride with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus in AMC’s coming reality series

Norman Reedus and zombie buds
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Fans of The Walking Dead can relax: Norman Reedus will continue to play the brooding walker-slayer Daryl Dixon in the popular AMC series. But the network has now also given the greenlight for a short reality series starring the actor that will highlight his love of motorcycles, reports Deadline.

With the working title of Ride With Norman Reedus, the series will include six episodes featuring the former model-turned-actor exploring motorcycle culture in cities across the U.S.

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The reality genre is one that AMC hasn’t really gotten into, yet. Comic Book Men and Talking Dead, the latter a talk show that airs immediately following The Walking Dead to discuss the episode with celebrity fans and cast members, are the only such programming it offers. Talking Dead, however, has been expanded to also run episodes following spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead. Other reality-type programming AMC has offered include docu-drama series like The Making of The Mob and The American West. 

This show, however, will mark a true shift for AMC into the reality genre, beyond talk shows and documentary series. That said, it makes sense for the network, given that it will target AMC’s core male audience, and feature a central star of one of cable’s biggest shows.

The new series will be overseen by Eliot Goldberg and Marco Bresaz, Senior Vice President and Vice President respectively of Non-fiction and Alternative Programming at AMC.

Reedus has played the character of Daryl on The Walking Dead since its first season. His character is, interestingly, one of few who didn’t actually exist in the comics on which the show is based, but he’s become a fan favorite. Chances are, you’ve seen at least one Web meme or T-shirt sporting the statement: “If Daryl dies, we riot.”

Reedus’ love of motorcycles goes way back, even including a stint working at a Harley Davidson shop in California. He can often be seen riding a motorcycle in The Walking Dead, as well.

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