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5 Walking Dead characters who deserve their own spinoff

The Walking Dead was one of the most popular series on AMC, spawning numerous spinoffs. Some of these were released while the main series was airing, while others debuted after the postapocalyptic horror drama ended its run. Most recently, there has been The Walking Dead: Dead City, which is centered around Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, with Norman Reedus reprising the role of his fan-favorite character. The first and arguably most successful spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, will end after its eighth season is completed this year. That show focuses on an almost entirely new (and often changing) cast that was eventually bolstered by the arrival of Morgan (Lennie James) from the original series in crossover fashion.

Bottom line: There’s no shortage of The Walking Dead stories to be told. If fan service means anything, there are a few other characters die-hards who would love to see get their own spinoff.

Shane Walsh

Shane holding a rifle in a scene from The Walking Dead.

Considering his brutal death scene and the arc of his character, a spinoff focusing on Shane (played by Jon Bernthal) would have to be delivered in prequel fashion. But fans would love to explore who Shane was prior to the events on the series, and the relationship between he and Rick (Andrew Lincoln). What’s more, did an attraction exist between he and his best friend and partner’s wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), all along, or was their tryst just the product of circumstance?

These are all questions fans would love to dive into more deeply. A Shane spinoff couldn’t exist without Rick and Lori. But it could be interesting to see him as a pre-apocalyptic small-town police officer.

Judith Grimes

Judith from The Walking Dead walking with a backpack and weapons.
Jace Downs / AMC

The spinoff that would make the most sense would be one centered around the character of Judith (Cailey Fleming). Now effectively orphaned, with her biological mother and father long dead; her half-brother, Carl (Chandler Riggs), and her adoptive parents, Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira), all gone; and her uncle figure Daryl on a quest in Paris, who is caring for Judith? Judging from the preteen character we met on The Walking Dead, the question really is who is Judith caring for?

Wise beyond her years, Judith is a skilled and capable fighter thanks to training from Rick and Michonne. But she also has a kind heart. Fans would love to see where Judith and her younger brother, RJ (Antony Azor), go from here, and what she is up to in the community. With Carol (Melissa McBride), Maggie, and others not far, this would be the perfect spinoff to feature tons of cameos and the return of many other characters as well.

Philip ‘The Governor’ Blake

The Governor walking alone in the woods, holding a gun in a scene from The Walking Dead.

Before Negan, Philip Blake (David Morrissey), known as The Governor, was the most formidable enemy the group had ever encountered. It’s at his hands, after all, that Hershel was brutally beheaded in front of his daughters. His actions arguably changed the trajectory of the series. While some felt he overstayed his welcome once the storyline reached a climax, The Governor’s backstory would make for a compelling spinoff.

Fans got to see The Governor at his most cunning and manipulative. His daughter was already long dead by that time and he had already risen to become a powerful leader. Seeing his journey to Woodbury, however, along with his descent following his daughter’s tragic death, could be fascinating.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

Jesus from The Walking Dead standing in the middle of an empty road, arms folded.

Paul (Tom Payne), otherwise known as Jesus, was one death from the series that fans felt came too abruptly and too soon. There was little known about his backstory, except for a few open chats with Maggie during moments of calm. His introduction was one of the best on the show, as he was being chased by Daryl. He proved to have serious martial arts and escapist skills that took even Daryl by surprise.

What was Paul’s life like pre-apocalypse, not only while training in martial arts, but also while being a skilled pickpocket and escapologist? Seeing Jesus’ entrance into the Hilltop community and following him through his work there recruiting members, supplies, and partner communities, could be an interesting prequel-like story.

Ezekiel Sutton

Ezekiel from The Walking Dead sitting on his throne, leg up with Shiva the tiger beside him.
Gene Page / AMC

Ezekiel had one of the best protectors on the show in Shiva the tiger. Shiva’s dutiful loyalty to him convinced many that Ezekiel had mystical, king-like power — how could be possibly get this wild beast to submit to him? The only person who saw through that was Carol, to whom Ezekiel almost immediately admitted the truth. He worked at a zoo prior to the apocalypse and thus had an established relationship with Shiva, especially after helping the injured tiger in its time of need. When the world fell, it made sense that Shiva instinctively remained indebted to Ezekiel, never displaying any hostility toward him.

Combined with Ezekiel’s theatrical talents, he was in the perfect position to be a leader. What could add another element to this story, however, is seeing Ezekiel and Shiva’s relationship blossom, including the fateful moment when the two bonded, and the events that transpired once the world fell. It could make for a compelling human-animal storyline. Such an angle might be a departure from the typical The Walking Dead tone, but it’s a fascinating story that could be told in an entertaining and heartwarming way.

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