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Latest Orphan Black season 4 trailer features new clones and old questions

Danger isn’t letting up for Sarah and the clones (played by Tatiana Maslany) in Orphan Black season 4. BBC America has released a new trailer in preparation for the show’s upcoming return, and the fast-paced preview teases more danger, mystery, and sisters.

Full of tension, ratcheted up by Sarah’s sporadic screams throughout, the trailer is all over the place. Though just one minute long, it does everything from (spoiler alert!) dropping hints at whether or not Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) survived being shot in the season 3 finale to giving us a better look at M.K., the newly discovered sheep-mask-wearing clone who lives off the grid. Scenes show explosives, matches, babies, exercise, a body bag, and more.

The trailer shows M.K. using her hacking skills, which will presumably come in handy as Sarah investigates the clones’ origins. M.K.’s new BBC America character bio reveals that she “knows a lot more than her clone sisters and may hold pertinent information that could reveal answers to their burning questions.” We expect to see a lot of her and her mask in season 4.

Nothing definite is revealed about Delphine in the preview, but viewers do get a quick glimpse of the scientist’s Dyad Institute employment file as it flashes on the screen. Amidst the other records, we see that her security level is listed as “Employment Suspended.” The fact that it is suspended seems temporary, possibly indicating that she is still alive.

In addition to unveiling the new trailer today, the Orphan Black Twitter account also shared bios for new characters we’ll be seeing in season 4.

Orphan Black returns for season 4 on its new night, Thursday, on April 14 at 10 pm ET.

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