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Outer Range puts Josh Brolin in a supernatural mystery

At first glance, Amazon Prime Video‘s upcoming series Outer Range looks like a response to Yellowstone. Much like Yellowstone‘s Kevin Costner, Outer Range has a genuine movie star, Josh Brolin, who portrays a rancher fighting to keep control of his land. However, the latest trailer for the show demonstrates that it’s going to go to even darker places than Yellowstone — and there may be a supernatural mystery at the heart of the ranch.

Outer Range - Official Trailer | Prime Video

In the trailer, Royal Abbott (Brolin) is approached by an enigmatic drifter named Autumn (Imogen Poots). She feels a strong connection to Royal’s ranch that he finds alarming. But when he finds an inexplicable void on his land, Royal’s world turns upside down. And suddenly, his enemies will do anything to take his land from him.

Here’s the full description from Prime Video:

Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness. A thrilling fable with hints of wry humor and supernatural mystery, Outer Range examines how we grapple with the unknown. At the onset of the series, the Abbotts are coping with the disappearance of daughter-in-law Rebecca. They are pushed further to the brink when the Tillersons (the gaudy owners of the neighboring profit-driven ranch) make a play for their land.

An untimely death in the community sets off a chain of tension-filled events, and seemingly small-town, soil-bound troubles come to a head with the arrival of a mysterious black void in the Abbotts’ west pasture. Wild revelations unfold as Royal fights to protect his family; through his eyes, we begin to see how time contains secrets held in the past and unsettling mysteries foreshadowed.”

Josh Brolin in Outer Range.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lili Taylor also stars in the series as Cecilia Abbott, with Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff Joy, Tom Pelphrey as Perry Abbott, Lewis Pullman as Rhett Abbott, Noah Reid as Billy Tillerson, Shaun Sipos as Luke Tillerson, Isabel Arraiza as Maria Olivares, and Olive Abercrombie as Amy Abbott.

Outer Range will premiere on Prime Video on April 15.

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