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Pluto TV is streaming classic Super Bowl games for NFL fans

Super Bowl Classics as seen on Pluto TV.
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For nearly six decades, Super Bowl Sunday has been unofficial American holiday as football fans of all stripes gather to watch the two remaining teams, one from the AFC and the other from the NFC, in a battle for the NFL championship. To date, there have been 57 Super Bowls, and all but three of those games are now available on Pluto TV‘s latest channel, NFL Super Bowl Classics.

This new channel is part of the NFL’s promotional push toward Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11, and it joins Pluto TV’s popular NFL Channel. NFL Super Bowl Classics not only features the vast majority of the Super Bowls, but its 24/7 lineup includes Super Bowl-centric programming, including NFL films, documentaries, and specials devoted to the big game. For example, there are retrospectives about the greatest Super Bowl finishes and the craziest Super Bowl plays, as well as a ranking of every Super Bowl MVP.

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“Thanks to our incredible partners at the NFL, we have the opportunity to offer a window into NFL history. And we know audiences will be thrilled, no matter what team they root for,” Amy Kuessner, Pluto TV’s executive vice president of programing, said in a statement. “The addition of NFL Super Bowl Classics channel to Pluto TV’s lineup allows fans to discover and relive those unforgettable games and moments in one place — all for free.”

The only three Super Bowls that are missing from the channel’s lineup are Super Bowl I, II, and V. While Pluto TV’s announcement didn’t explain why those games were left out, it did mention that the History of the Super Bowl special will look back at how the big game was created and why it became such an important part of American sporting events.

NFL Super Bowl Classics is now streaming on Pluto TV, but only through February 21.

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