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The 2024 Super Bowl is over. Watch these 3 great Amazon Prime Video movies now

Kiernan Shipka crouches with a bat in Totally Killer.
Prime Video

We all must face the sad fact that the 2024 Super Bowl is over. The epic clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers is in the record books and everyone will continue to speculate what next adventure Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will go on once the limelight is off them.

What’s left to do? How about watching some good movies? Amazon Prime Video has plenty of them, from uproarious comedies to probing sci-fi films, and these three movies stand out as ideal to watch after the Super Bowl.

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

The cast of A Fish Called Wanda.

One of the best comedies ever made, A Fish Called Wanda tells the story of a London diamond heist gone terribly and hilariously wrong. The botched heist and its aftermath involves double-crosses, illicit affairs, bad Italian accents, gratuitous cleavage, the assassination of three cute dogs, and someone getting run over by a steamroller. It’s that kind of movie.

Each member of the movie’s stacked cast gets a chance to shine. Kevin Kline deservedly won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his manic performance, but John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween H20), and Michael Palin are just as good and funny. A Fish Called Wanda is a breezy comedy that has about a laugh a minute. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Foe (2023)

A man and a woman lie in bed in Foe.
Amazon Studios

There were a number of great sci-fi movies in 2023, but there was one that didn’t get enough love: Foe. Based on the bestselling novel by Ian Reid, Foe stars Saoirse Ronan stars as Hen (Ronan), a young woman and wife to Junior (Aftersun‘s Paul Mescal) who lives a quiet life on a farm in the not-too-distant future. One day, an uninvited stranger (Aaron Pierre) shows up with an unusual proposal: Junior can go off to space for a year and be replaced by a clone to keep Hen company.

It’s an intriguing premise, and the beauty of Foe is that it maintains its naturalistic style even while it tells an unabashedly sci-fi story. Mescal is great as the conflicted Junior and his dazed and confused clone, but it’s Ronan who is the standout as the gradually radicalized Hen. It’s not for everyone, but Foe is a worthy movie to watch.

Totally Killer (2023)

A masked killer walks toward Olivia Holt in Totally Killer.
Prime Video

What do you get when you cross Heathers with Back to the Future and add a bloody dash of Scream? Amazon Studios’ Totally Killer, which imaginatively blends sci-fi, comedy, and horror. Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka stars as Jamie, a 2024 teen who is transported back in time to the totally tubular 1987, when her much younger mother (Olivia Holt) was stalked and almost killed by a masked killer.

Who is trying to slaughter Jamie’s mother? And what happens to Jamie if her mother dies in the past? These questions are asked and answered by the end, but it’s the journey getting there that’s the most fun. Totally Killer isn’t meant to be taken seriously, which is what makes it so ideal to watch after the very serious Super Bowl game.

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