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Netflix, HBO cleanup in Rolling Stone's list of 2015's 25 best shows

mr robot
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Rolling Stone just released its list of the 25 Best Shows of 2015, and it looks like Netflix came out as the big winner with the most entries at 6, while HBO and FX each followed closely behind.

Netflix had a total of six entries on the list, racking up the most of any provider. The shows that ranked were Bojack Horseman, which just missed the top 10 at number 11; Orange is the New Black (13), Jessica Jones (16), Wet Hot American Summer (18), Bloodline (21), and Narcos (25). What’s interesting to note is that while Jessica Jones was only recently released, that doesn’t really matter in the new streaming world, since entire seasons are released at once on Netflix, affording the opportunity for them to make such lists right from the get-go.

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On Netflix’s heels with five entries was HBO, followed by FX with four. For HBO, top shows are VEEP (8), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (10), Silicon Valley (15), The Leftovers (17), and Game of Thrones (20). Some may be shaking their heads that GoT not only didn’t crack the top 10, but barely made the top 20. For FX, shows include The Americans — a bit of a surprise at number 4 — Fargo (7), You’re the Worst (12), and Louie (19).

While no Amazon original series made the cut, Netflix wasn’t the sole streaming provider on the list: Hulu made the top five with its uproarious comedy Difficult People occupying the fifth spot.

Most of the entries, it’s worth noting, hail from specialty networks, or streaming services. The only two shows that made the cut from standard network TV were Fox’s Empire at number-six, and NBC’s now-cancelled series Hannibal, which ranked 14th.

AMC was no slouch, with Mad Men getting a sweet sendoff by falling into the second spot, along with newcomer Better Call Saul in 9th, and Halt and Catch Fire in slot number 23. And Comedy Central managed to get two of its shows on the list, with Broad City in 3rd and the recently finalized Key & Peele in 24th. Adult Swim snagged the 22nd spot with its brilliant animated sci-fi series Rick & Morty.

So which show ranked first? USA’s surprise smash Mr. Robot, which stars Rami Malek as a sort of vigilante hacker, and Christian Slater as his guru, of sorts.

It’s clear Rolling Stone wasn’t going for the top-hyped shows, but rather shows the publication feels deserve some kudos. That included a few semi-hidden gems that aren’t quite on the public’s radar.

Some may dispute glaring omissions (Modern Family? The Walking Dead? American Horror Story? Orphan Black? House of Cards?), while others may disagree with the order: Can we really say that Empire is a better show than Bloodline? Or Narcos? Naturally, what constitutes a “best” show can be purely subjective. But if some of these selections aren’t on your radar, they might be worth checking out for your next binge session.

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