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If you like Monk on Netflix, watch these three great TV shows right now

Monk on Amazon Prime Video

After more than a decade away from screens, Adrian Monk returned for one last adventure in Mr. Monk’s Last Case. The movie was a perfect opportunity to remember why so many of us fell in love with Tony Shalhoub’s obsessive-compulsive detective in the first place, and also a great excuse to watch Monk (currently streaming on Netflix) if you haven’t already.

If you’ve already seen that USA comedy, though, you might be looking for other shows that will give you roughly the same feeling. Here are three great TV shows you can check out if you love Monk and want something that feels a lot like it.

Pysch (2006-2014)

Two men from Psych looking intently at something.

Perhaps the closest analog to Monk, and a show that ran on the same network for much of the same time, Psych tells the story of a hyper-observant goofball who pretends to be a psychic so that he can use that power to solve crimes. Although Psych has its moments of genuine drama, the show is, on the whole, much sillier than Monk ever was, and its performances lean much more toward comedy whenever possible.

Even so, Psych nonetheless earned an army of loyal fans over its eight seasons, partly because it was so willing to play with many of the tropes that had become dominant in pop culture during the years when the show was airing.

Psych is streaming on Peacock.

Chuck (2007-2012)

Chuck on Amazon Prime

If what you really loved about Monk was the way it effortlessly combined comedy and drama, then few shows are more likely to be up your alley than Chuck. The series tells the story of a regular geek who finds that he has been implanted with a government supercomputer and slowly transforms into a spy as a result.

The show could be absurd, but it also has a compelling love story driving much of its story forward and some genuinely great guest stars. Although it was a show that felt like it was perpetually on the chopping block, Chuck ultimately ran for five seasons and had one of the most devastating series finales you’ll ever experience.

Chuck is streaming on Max.

Shrinking (2023-)

Shrinking — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Telling the story of a therapist who is grieving the death of his wife and decides to get brutally honest with his patients, Shrinking is one of the sharper comedies of recent years. Much like Monk, Shrinking focuses on a central character who is fundamentally in a great deal of pain, but the story nevertheless finds ways to make that pain both moving and funny.

Add in a genuinely great supporting turn from Harrison Ford and a particularly deft understanding of what it means to live with grief, and Shrinking proved to be one of the best new shows to debut in 2023.

Shrinking is streaming on Apple TV+.

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