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Spider-Man’s Jon Watts to produce Final Destination 6 for HBO Max

It’s been over a decade since death’s design unfolded in Final Destination 5. However, Final Destination 6 is finally going forward as a HBO Max original movie. Variety broke the story that Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts has signed on to produce Final Destination 6. Watts also wrote the treatment for the script, which will be fleshed out by screenwriters Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick. Watt’s wife and production partner, Dianne McGunigle, will also produce Final Destination 6 with Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor.

“Both Dianne and I have been massive fans of Final Destination from the very beginning,” said Watts in a statement. “So to be able to have a hand in crafting a new story with the original team and New Line is going to be both fun and exciting.”

“Jon and Dianne’s passion for the series is only matched by how much fun they are to work with,” said Perry. “Sheila and I couldn’t be more excited to have their creative energy driving this latest installment in the Final Destination franchise with New Line. With Guy and Lori’s inspired execution of Jon’s original idea, we have a movie that audiences are gonna love.”

The cast of Final Destination.
New Line Cinema

The first Final Destination was based on a spec script by Jeffrey Reddick and revised by The X-Files veterans Glen Morgan and James Wong. Wong also directed the first and third movies in the franchise. Each movie in the Final Destination series features a common string of events. The main character experiences a vivid premonition of their death and manages to save themselves and a few others from impending doom. However, death’s design stalks the survivors and takes them out one at a time through various grizzly accidents. The Final Destination movies are also unique in that there is no traditional killer.

Three out of the five Final Destination movies also featured horror icon Tony Todd as coroner William Bludworth, one of the few individuals with some insight into death’s design. William has also suggested ways that the survivors can evade their imminent deaths. However, those strategies were rarely successful.

HBO Max and New Line Cinema haven’t set a date or a director for Final Destination 6, but it could potentially begin filming later this year.

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