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The 5 most anticipated movie performances of 2024, ranked

A women sees Nosferatu's shadow
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In just a few weeks, the Oscar nominees will be announced for films that debuted in 2023. But we’re already looking ahead to some of the most anticipated movie performances of 2024. We can’t go so far as to say that all of our picks will be remembered when next year’s Oscars roll around. But it would probably be a safe bet to put money down on the two actresses on our list who will have to sing on screen.

It’s inherently difficult to predict who’s going to be great when most of the following movies even have a trailer yet. But given the previous roles of the men and women below, we’re fully confident in sharing our five most-anticipated movie performances of 2024.

5. Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Aside from her turn as Magik in 20th Century Fox’s barely seen Marvel movie The New Mutants, Anya Taylor-Joy hasn’t really had much of a chance to flex her action muscles. That’s going to change when she headlines Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

As she proved in The Queen’s Gambit and in other roles, Taylor-Joy is a very good actress. If she can give Furiosa the intensity that the character needs, then Taylor-Joy could be one of the next big female action stars.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga will hit theaters on May 24.

4. Cynthia Erivo in Wicked: Part One

Cynthia Erivo in Bad Times At the El Royale.
20th Century Studios

Later this year, Cynthia Erivo (pictured above in Bad Times At the El Royale) is going to step into the role of a lifetime in Wicked: Part One. This film is based on the Broadway musical that was in turn inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Erivo is headlining the movie as Elphaba Thropp, the woman who is destined to become the Wicked Witch of the West.

For now, we haven’t seen a good look at what Erivo will look like for the movie. But this is a role that requires a great singer, and that’s the most exciting part of seeing Erivo embody Elphaba. It’s also why Erivo will be paired with co-lead Ariana Grande, who will portray Glinda the Good.

Wicked: Part One will hit theaters on November 27.

3. Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice
Warner Bros. Pictures

We’ve seen Michael Keaton kill it in everything from Dopesick to The Founder, but sometimes it’s just fun to see a star play the hits. Keaton’s reprisal of his role as Batman was one of the few redeeming aspects of The Flash, but Beetlejuice is the one movie that Keaton avoided making a sequel for … until now.

Keaton’s hilariously unhinged performance in the original film has inspired a cartoon series and even a Broadway show, but Beetlejuice 2 has us excited to see his reunion with director Tim Burton as he plays opposite Wednesday‘s Jenna Ortega and a returning Winona Ryder. Sounds like a fun time to us, K-Mart shoppers!

Beetlejuice 2 will hit theaters on September 6.

2. Bill Skarsgård in Nosferatu

A man looks at a vampire in Nosferatu.
Focus Features

Bill Skarsgård (John Wick: Chapter 4) was just about perfect as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the two-part remake of Stephen King’s It. Later this year, Skarsgård gets to sink his teeth into Count Orlok, one of the most famous vampires in cinema history in Robert Eggers’ remake of Nosferatu.

The original 1922 Nosferatu was an off-brand adaptation of Dracula that did away with any pretense of romanticizing the leading vampire. Count Orlok has one of the creepiest designs ever. While we haven’t seen Skarsgård in costume and makeup for the new movie, here’s what the Count looked like in the original film.

Max Schreck as Count Orlock in Nosferatu.
Film Arts Guild

Nosferatu will hit theaters on December 25.

1. Marisa Abela in Back to Black

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse in Back to Black.
Focus Features

In 2011, acclaimed singer Amy Winehouse was found dead after struggling with addiction for years. This year, Marisa Abela is going to portray Winehouse on the big screen in Back to Black, a biopic about her rise as a music star and her tragic death at only 27 years old.

Music biographies tend to do very well in awards season, and there’s no shortage of drama in Winehouse’s life for Abela to explore. This is also the kind of role that could push Abela into another level of stardom, if she can fully step into Winehouse’s shoes on the big screen.

Back to Back will hit theaters on May 10.

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