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5 most anticipated Hulu shows of 2024, ranked

A man sits and stares in Shogun.

The dawning of a new year can feel like a bit of a comedown from the holiday season. It’s probably still cold; there are no holidays to look forward to, and another year is ahead of you. With every new year, though, we also get a slate of new TV shows to look forward to.

And, while not every new show pans out, there are always plenty of new things worth celebrating. Hulu, which has always had a great lineup of TV shows, has a bunch of new shows coming in 2024 that are worth celebrating, and some of them are even coming in January. Here are five shows to check out this year:

5. Interior Chinatown (TBA)

Jimmy O. Yang and Nina Dobrev in Love Hard.

Based on a wildly inventive and highly acclaimed novel from 2020, the series will follow a background character in a police procedural TV show who works to find his way into the show’s main story and discovers some horrific secrets about the world he inhabits along the way.

Thor: Love and Thunder helmer Taika Waititi is set to direct the pilot and serve as an executive producer on the series, and the show will star Jimmy O. Yang (pictured above) and Chloe Bennet in main roles. The series could be as brilliant and revelatory as the book it’s based on.

4. Feud: Capote vs. The Swans (January 31)

FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans | Official Trailer | FX

Dahmer‘s Ryan Murphy has made his career in part by exploiting true stories for all the drama that they are worth. His latest effort, and another saga in his Feud anthology, focuses on Truman Capote’s friendship with a group of high-flying socialites in New York City. When Capote writes a thinly veiled account of their real lives, the socialites end their relationships with him and vow to get revenge.

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, and Diane Lane, this Feud anthology is sure to be a thrill to watch, even if you’re totally unfamiliar with the events behind it.

3. Death and Other Details (January 16)

Death and Other Details | Trailer | Hulu

An old-fashioned mystery series, Death and Other Details tells the story of a woman (Violett Beane) who, purely through a series of coincidences, finds herself at the center of a locked room murder mystery in which she is the only suspect. To clear her name and find the actual perpetrators, she’s forced to turn to the skills of the world’s greatest detective, who just happens to be a man she hates.

In an era filled with serious TV about serious things, Death and Other Details is likely to be fun and frothy like Only Murders in the Building, and hopefully will end in a satisfying reveal of who is actually behind the crime at the story’s center.

2. The Veil (TBA)

Elisabeth Moss looks up in Shining Girls.

Anytime Elisabeth Moss does anything on TV, we have to pay attention, and The Veil sounds incredibly intriguing. While not much is known about the details of The Veil, creator Steven Knight has promised that the thriller series will be genuinely international and that it will feature Moss at its center, who has a pretty sterling track record when it comes to picking great TV projects.

Knight, meanwhile, is best known for his work on Peaky Blinders but is also the man behind See, as well as several other FX series, including Taboo and Great Expectations.

1. Shōgun (February)

Shōgun - Official Trailer | Hiroyuki Sanada, Cosmo Jarvis, Anna Sawai | FX

Adapted from James Clavell’s novel, Shōgun is set in feudal Japan in the early 1600s as a civil war breaks out between Lord Yoshii Toranaga and his regents, who have turned against him. When a ship arrives in a nearby fishing village, the captain of that ship may have secrets that could turn the tide of the conflict.

Focusing almost entirely on the Japanese characters at the center of the story, Shōgun comes with a remarkably stacked cast and an incredibly solid pedigree. It’s a limited series, so it may be one of the more satisfying closed-ended stories to check out early in the year.

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