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3 underrated shows on Hulu you need to watch in April 2024

The cast of UFO Factory.

There are a ton of new series on Hulu in April, including a surprisingly large amount of Korean originals. But the truth is that most of that new programming will be lost in the shuffle, especially if they aren’t Hulu original series or shows that premiered on ABC or Fox first.

That’s why every month, we take the time to put the spotlight on three underrated shows on Hulu that you need to watch. This month’s selections include a new British dramaedy, an out-of-this-world Hulu original, and one of the all-time great PBS shows.

Dinosaur (2024)

Ashley Storrie and Kat Ronney in Dinosaur.

Dinosaur centers around Nina MacArthur (Ashley Storrie), an autistic woman who has found a way to deal with the world through her passion for paleontology, as well as her love of routine. Working at a museum and sticking close to her sister, Evie (Kat Ronney), allows Nina to enjoy her life exactly as it is.

That’s why Nina is so taken aback when Evie impulsively gets engaged to Ranesh (Danny Ashok), a man she only met a few weeks earlier. While Nina loves her sister, she’s also afraid that the wedding will ruin their connection and change Nina’s life in ways that she really doesn’t like. For Evie’s sake, Nina tries to put up a happy front and pretend to be as normal as possible. But that’s something that Nina really struggles with in this dramedy.

Watch Dinosaur on Hulu.

UFO Factory (2024)

The cast of UFO Factory.

Dalí Montoro (Jerónimo Best) may look like a millionaire, but he only plays one on social media. UFO Factory quickly establishes that Dalí is a con artist who is good enough to fool his son, Marvin (Nicolás Pindas), and his ex-wife into believing he’s rich, but also terrible enough at it that he’s desperately broke and running out of lifelines.

As fate would have it, Dalí returns to Ogarrio del Cobre, where he conned the residents two decades ago. And the people of Ogarrio are even more desperate for money than he is. That’s when Dalí has the stroke of genius to stage a UFO crash in the town and turn it into a tourist trap to save both the town and himself. But as Dalí’s lies start to catch up with him, even he has to question the morality of what’s doing.

Watch UFO Factory on Hulu.

The Joy of Painting (1983-1994)

Bob Ross in The Art of Painting.

There’s a better chance that you’ve seen Bob Ross’ face on a T-shirt or a meme than on an actual episode of his long-running PBS series The Joy of Painting. That can change now that Hulu has added  The Joy of Painting to its library. Hulu doesn’t offer the complete 31 seasons of the show, but it’s more than enough to enjoy for now.

While The Joy of Painting is clearly geared more toward artists than anyone else, there’s a very relaxing quality to Ross’ voice as he narrates his art choices and drops in a few of his favorite expressions like “happy little trees.” Ross’ love for art is infectious, and watching him work his magic really is a joy.

Watch The Joy of Painting on Hulu.

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