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3 great PBS shows you should watch in March

Long before streaming services came along, PBS was the best way to get a steady supply of British dramas, as well as nature and news programming from around the world. And in 2024, PBS still delivers it all for free. Although PBS is helped, as they say, “by generous donations from viewers like you.”

Our picks for the three great PBS shows that you should watch in March are all British TV series, including one returning show and two premieres. These are just a few of the new shows on PBS in March, and you’re more than welcome to check out our picks for the great PBS shows to watch in February as well. They’re all waiting for you, and you don’t even have to subscribe to watch them. And if you still watch your local PBS channel on TV, then you won’t need a computer either.

Call the Midwife

The cast of Call the Midwife season 13.

Netflix subscribers can watch the earlier seasons of Call the Midwife, but PBS is the only place American viewers will be able to watch the 13th season. Technically, season 13 has already premiered in Britain — we’re just catching up on it now. This season takes place in 1969, and Nonnatus House is welcoming a few new midwives including Rosalind Clifford (Natalie Quarry) and Joyce Highland (Renee Bailey).

There’s a culture shock ahead for the newcomers, and personal heartbreak for Miss Higgins (Georgie Glen). Suffice it to say, it’s another challenging year for everyone at Nonnatus House.

Watch Call the Midwife on PBS.


Helena Bonham Carter in Nolly.

American TV fans probably aren’t familiar with the late Noele “Nolly” Gordon, a British actress who made her name on soap operas. Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies is dramatizing Gordon’s life in Nolly, with The Crown‘s Helena Bonham Carter in the title role.

Gordon was famous for playing Meg Mortimer on the British soap opera Crossroads for 17 years. Nolly chronicles “Gordon’s most tumultuous years,” and offers “a sharp, affectionate, and heartbreaking portrait of a forgotten icon.” This series will premiere on Sunday, March 17.

Watch Nolly on PBS.

Alice & Jack

Domhnall Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough in Alice & Jack.
Channel 4/PBS

Last year, Andrea Riseborough was one of the Oscar nominees for Best Actress for her leading role in To Leslie. This year, Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson are co-headlining Alice & Jack, a new British romance series. In the show, Alice (Riseborough) and Jack (Gleeson) don’t seem to be a perfect match at first. She’s high-strung and he’s very shy.

After a single date, Alice and Jack part ways. However, they remain in each others’ orbit for well over a decade, as they form a friendship and a special connection. Finding love with each other may be more of a challenge than either Alice or Jack expected, but their bond is strong. This series will premiere on Sunday, March 17.

Watch Alice & Jack on PBS.

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