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Is The Flash movie streaming?

It was only about a month ago when The Flash TV series wrapped its nine-season run on The CW. Now, The Flash movie is in theaters after years of delays and a long run of very unflattering brushes with the law for its star, Ezra Miller. Regardless, the wait is over and audiences will now have the chance to judge The Flash on its own merits.

In the film, Barry Allen (Miller) discovers that he has the power to travel back in time. And since Barry is haunted by the murder of his mother, Nora Allen (Maribel Verdú), and the unjust incarceration of his father, Henry Allen (Ron Livingston), Barry attempts to rewrite history in his favor. What he creates is a world where Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is Batman, and there are no other superheroes around when General Zod (Michael Shannon) invades with his Kryptonian army. The only ones who can go up against Zod are two versions of Barry, a largely broken Batman, and a Supergirl (Sasha Calle).

Keep on reading, and we’ll answer your burning questions about whether The Flash is streaming, and where you can find it.

Is The Flash streaming?

Ezra Miller in The Flash.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

No, not yet. The Flash has only just arrived in theaters, and you’re going to have to wait for a while before it is available to stream. The previous regime at Warner Bros. experimented with releasing movies day on the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max the same day they hit theaters. For the most part, it did not go well, which is why the traditional theatrical release is once again the model for Warner Bros. Discovery.

Will The Flash be available to stream at home?

The Flash stands with two heroes behind him in The Flash.
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Yes, and The Flash‘s streaming home will be on Max. However, Max doesn’t have a firm timeframe in place for The Flash‘s arrival. It all really depends on how The Flash is received in theaters. If it does well and it has sustained business at the box office, then it probably won’t hit Max until this fall.

But if The Flash pulls an Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and absolutely plummets after the opening weekend, then you may see it on Max as soon as next month. That was Black Adam‘s fate, and it won’t be the last superhero movie that fails to connect.

Are there secret superhero cameos in The Flash?

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in "The Flash."
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Oh yeah, there are indeed a lot of superhero cameos in The Flash. But if you’re expecting a meaningful team-up across the multiverse along the lines of Spider-Man: No Way Home, then you may be disappointed. The only really important characters in The Flash are the two Barrys, the Michael Keaton Batman, and to a much smaller extent, Supergirl. Everyone else is just window dressing, and they don’t really affect the story at all.

The film does have one last surprise near the end that was genuinely funny. But you should really see that for yourself.

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