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The director of The Flash just left the movie

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DC Comics / Francis Manapul
The fallout from the underwhelming performance of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could very well be affecting more than just that film, as one upcoming movie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ superhero series now finds itself in search of a new director.

Filmmaker Seth Grahame-Smith has reportedly exited The Flash due to “creative differences” with the studio. The film is set to be released in March 2018 with The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller attached to play the titular hero.


According to The Hollywood ReporterThe Flash will continue to use the script penned by Grahame-Smith, who was originally expected to make his directorial debut with the superhero movie. Grahame-Smith’s script was itself a revision of an initial draft by The Lego Movie screenwriters Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

This isn’t the first WB superhero project to have its director part with the project due to “creative differences.” Back in April 2015, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad director Michelle MacLaren exited the Wonder Woman movie unexpectedly, citing a similarly vague reason for her departure. Monster director Patty Jenkins was named the new Wonder Woman director a short time later.

With just shy of two years to go until The Flash hits theaters, the studio shouldn’t feel too rushed to find a director to replace Grahame-Smith.

Set to feature Miller as the superhero known as “the fastest man alive,” The Flash received a tease of sorts in Batman v Superman, with Miller appearing both in costume as The Flash and in the character’s civilian identity, Barry Allen. It’s uncertain how the events of Batman v Superman will tie into The Flash, if at all. However, the character is expected to appear in Justice League Part One, which hits theaters next year.

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