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The Flash’s first teaser trailer breaks the DC multiverse

At DC FanDome, The Flash was expected to be one of the biggest trailers of the day. However, the star of the film, Ezra Miller, was forced to admit that there just isn’t enough finished footage for a trailer yet. Regardless, fans didn’t run away unhappy, as Miller was able to share the first-ever footage from the film.

It’s easy to assume that the Flash isn’t as powerful as the other members of the Justice League. He’s not bulletproof, he can’t fly, and he doesn’t have super strength. The Flash is just really, really fast, and blessed with a brilliant mind. But perhaps Barry Allen is too smart for his own good. Because he’s finally realized that his powers can do much more than he originally thought. With his speed, he can go back in time and fix the biggest tragedy of his life: The murder of his mother, Nora Allen.

The Flash - First Look Teaser Trailer | DC FanDome 2021

Unfortunately, that’s no small change to make. And once Barry makes that decision, the world he knew falls apart around him. Now, the scarlet speedster has found his way into the DC multiverse, and there may not be an easy way for the Flash to reclaim the life he once had.

The good news for DC fans is that this film gives us the chance to see Michael Keaton’s Batman for the first time since 1992. Keaton’s incarnation of Batman is only glimpsed from behind here, and we don’t even get a good look at his Batmobile. But have patience. Warner Bros. is clearly saving some of the key visuals for a later date.

Ezra Miller and Ezra Miller in The Flash.

Another side effect of unleashing multiple worlds is the chance to team up with yourself to undo the damage. That’s why there are two Barry Allens in the pic above. To their right is the new Supergirl, as played by newcomer Sasha Calle. They’ve made their way into the Batcave, but the trio may not like what they find there.

Keaton won’t be the only Batman in this movie. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is also making a brief comeback as Batman. Presumably before the Flash finds himself in way over his head.

The Flash was directed by Andy Muschietti from a screenplay by Christina Hodson. It will race into theaters on November 4, 2022.

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