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The 7 most powerful characters in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, ranked

The Super Mario Bros. Movie fulfilled many fans’ dreams of seeing their favorite video game characters fight it out on the big screen. With heavy hitters like Donkey Kong and Bowser clashing against Mario and Peach, the film gifted viewers with an animated brawl worthy of Super Smash Bros. And so, people can now read the ranked list of the most powerful characters in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

7. Toad

Toad in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."
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Though Toad may be the weakest member of the main cast, he never had much time to show off his skills as a fighter in this film. Fortunately for him, he knows his way around the Mushroom Kingdom and can surely fend for himself out in the wilderness since Mario does meet him wandering the mushroom fields. And despite his small size, Toad never backs down from a fight, choosing to defend Peach and his friends at any opportunity.

6. Luigi

Luigi against a door as Dry Bones try to capture him in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."
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As Mario’s frightful brother, Luigi isn’t as strong when it comes to fighting off enemies. Nevertheless, he does escape from a group of Dry Bones when he is alone in the Darklands, but this is before he is captured by a team of Shy Guys.

He spends most of the film trapped in a cage, but when the final battle comes, he steps up to protect his brother from Bowser’s fire breath and helps him defeat the Koopa King once and for all, proving that they’re both strongest when they’re together.

5. Mario

Mario in a fighting stance in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"
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Though he’s the main protagonist of this film, Mario joins Peach on her adventure, inexperienced in the ways of the Mushroom Kingdom. He may be agile, as shown by how he hops his way through a construction site in Brooklyn.

However, Mario requires a lot of training and the power of some red mushrooms to prove he can accompany the princess on her journey. Mario may not be that powerful by himself, but with the right resources, he is able to hold his own against the likes of Bowser and Donkey Kong in the ring.

4. Peach

Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
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Having been adopted by the Toads after ending up in the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach grew up training herself to protect her people and enhancing her skills, making her one of the strongest leaders of her world. She completed her castle’s obstacle course without breaking a sweat, and she claims to have first finished it with very few tries. This proves she could’ve reached the Jungle Kingdom all on her own.

Though she surrendered to Bowser to save Toad, she was still prepared to face him in battle, displaying her unwavering courage against overwhelming odds. Luckily, she caught him off guard at their wedding with an Ice Flower, trapping him in a huge chunk of ice, showing she can outsmart even the strongest of foes.

3. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."
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Donkey Kong is clearly superior to Mario and Peach in terms of brute strength. The red-tied primate easily beat Mario senseless during their gladiator match in the Jungle Kingdom, and the only reason Mario defeated Kong was that he was empowered by his Cat Suit.

And when he wields the power of the Fire Flower, he and Mario are able to mow their way through Bowser’s army in the film’s third act. His ego may weigh him down, but no one should want to mess with this macho monkey.

2. Kamek

Kamek in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."
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As Bowser’s right-hand man, Kamek has access to powerful sorcery that he uses against his master’s enemies. With his magic, he overpowers the Penguin King’s armies singlehandedly, and he could’ve crushed Toad into a mushroom paste with his telekinesis. But even with his mastery of the mystic arts, Kamek has conveyed extreme fear in the face of Bowser, implying that the latter is more powerful than him.

1. Bowser

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The Koopa King has earned his reputation as the most terrifying turtle in his world. With his fiery breath, he ravaged the Penguin King’s ice castle and freed himself after Peach encased him in ice. He can even withstand the combined efforts of Mario, Peach, and Donkey Kong during their final battle in Brooklyn. And with an entire army of Koopas, Goombas, and so many other deadly foes, the Mushroom and Jungle Kingdoms could hardly face them on their own.

But as many games have proven before, Bowser can be defeated. Mario and Luigi easily dominated Bowser in battle after harnessing the power of Super Star, thrashing him about until he couldn’t stand up anymore. Not even his army could slow the Super Mario Bros. down in their invincible state. He may have been defeated and locked away, but Bowser remains the greatest threat to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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