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Survivors face new roadblocks in peek at ‘Walking Dead’ midseason premiere

There’s never a shortage of obstacles for Walking Dead characters, but this time Rick and his gang of survivors are coming up against literal roadblocks. AMC has released a new sneak peek, showing just one of the problems in store for the group when the show returns this Sunday for the second half of season 7.

With Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) and the other survivors determined to destroy the sadistic Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors, they have to catch them first. That’s not so easy when their rivals don’t want to be found. The new sneak peek shows the group encountering one of what’s sure to be many barriers in their path.

At first, it looks like the Saviors have only inconvenienced them. The road is blocked by numerous empty cars, so they have to move each one of them out of the way. No big deal, right? Rick even comes up with a clever plan — to move them all back so their enemies won’t realize they’ve been there.

If only it were that easy. After clearing the road, they realize the Saviors seem to have rigged the scene to let them know if anyone passes. So much for the element of surprise. Getting revenge was never going to be easy, though. AMC warned in its synopsis of the second half of season 7 that “no amount of planning will prepare the group for all-out war with Negan and his army,” so expect more trials ahead.

With the show’s ratings down compared to previous seasons, the still hugely popular show is likely looking to step it up after the midseason break. The producers already listened to fans and dialed back on the violence, so we’ll see what else they have in store for us when The Walking Dead returns at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, February 12, on AMC.

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