Watch: Player Piano wins zombies over with The Walking Dead’s theme song

Fans of The Walking Dead will enjoy Player Piano’s latest upload, which is inspired by the show’s theme by Bear McCreary. Not only does the video feature an amazing rendition of the song from composer Sonya Belousova, the impressively directed video features a fun surprise twist at the end.

The Player Piano YouTube account is run by Belousova and director Tom Grey, who regularly team up to perform “favorite songs and soundtrack themes in awesome music videos.” The duo is not overselling what they do — each video has a well-thought-out concept with sets that fit the theme down to the very last detail, even the piano. From a snowy setting for the Game of Thrones theme to a live-action teaser (complete with lightning and horses) for Legend of Zelda, Player Piano is consistently churning out high-quality content.

The Walking Dead-inspired video doesn’t disappoint. Belousova spends much of the video playing an ancient-looking piano that seems as if it came straight out of a haunted house. Meanwhile, a woman wakes up in an even more horrifying place: a zombie-filled hospital. Although she does her best to evade them, she ends up being cornered, but lo and behold, the zombies are more interested in playing music than eating her face off. The lead zombie, who is actually guest violinist Eriko Tsuji, grabs the violin the woman is wielding and joins in with Belousova’s piano playing. That’s not quite the end of it, but we won’t spoil the surprise.

Of the many Player Piano videos out there, we particularly like the Super Mario Bros medley, especially because of the awesome Nintendo piano Belousova plays during it. (When can we get one of those?) Check out the video below.