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Someone set this The Walking Dead chase scene to Benny Hill music, and it’s hilarious

The Walking Dead - Chase Scene From s6e10 With Benny Hill Music
We dare you to watch the above video and not let out at least a little giggle. Spoiler alert: in last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the character of Jesus (played by Tom Payne) was introduced. That’s not the funny part, though — it’s what several YouTubers did with one of the show’s more memorable scenes and the theme song from The Benny Hill Show that we think will get you laughing.

Clever YouTubers can’t take credit for the idea, though: it was Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick who made the hilarious connection during his talk show that followed the episode.

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The scene, which saw Daryl (Norman Reedus) trying to capture the crafty runaway survivor in an empty field while Rick (Andrew Lincoln) desperately attempted to thwart the fight while driving a truck, looked indeed like it was straight out of a sketch from the late comedian’s long-running show.

The Benny Hill Show ran from 1955 straight through to 1991, right before the British comedian and actor sadly passed away in 1992 at the age of 68. It contained mainly slapstick humor and double entendres. The purely instrumental theme song, by the way, is called Yakety Sax, and it was composed by James Q. “Spider” Rich and Homer “Boots” Randolph III.

The entire tenth episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead focused on a road trip, of sorts, between Daryl and Rick. It had a buddy copy vibe to it; some called the pairing the new “power couple,” referring to their budding “bromance.” It was almost like watching an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard or Lethal Weapon, not two guys trying desperately to survive in the apocalypse. But fans of the show welcomed the nice break on the heels of the sheer blood-shed from last week.

Hey, a little comic relief doesn’t hurt anyone. And this clip just amplified the already funny scene to the max. Go ahead and watch – you’ll find it hard not to let out a massive guffaw.

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